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are fur paws good for winter?


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im curious cuz i wanna buy some fursuit feet to wear for winter and mabye furry hands as gloves,but how do they fair in the winter? how much of a beating can they take,is it possible to get a custom furry boot spicificly for winter perposes? i was thinking on digigrade boots cuz they look cooler to me

Kellan Meig'h

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Fursuit gloves and boots aren't like boots and gloves from Wally*Mart. You might get one season (3-4) months out of them. Not cost effective and certainly the gloves might be warm-ish but any quality winter glove will last years and be warm at the same time. The boots won't be waterproof so say goodbye in the first mud puddle.

Save your money, go to a sporting goods store, get some quality gear. Save the fursuiting for indoors when it's snowing. That is, unless you're one of the suiter types that can't get enough of skiing or boarding in suit. Even at that, most will use regular gloves and of course, ski or boarding boots instead of the fursuit feet. Not sure how warm your feet and hands would be tubing or sledding or just general clowning around in the snow in a fursuit. Challenge for next winter?


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Fursuits aren't exactly water proof, and also a lot of winter things (dry coldness, mud, salt on the streets) can actually damage the fur to an irreparable state.
You should be fine wearing fursuit boots/paws outside once of twice, but clean them every time, and don't overly stress them.
Remember that fursuits are luxury items and should be treated as such.

At the end, I can't stop you from doing winter extreme sports in fursuit (it has been done after all) but keep in mind that this can and will damage the paws. They are expensive (you usually pay 100-500 for Handpaws alone depending on the maker) and repairs are expensive. So unless you are crazy rich I wouldn't recommend using Fursuit parts as winter wear.


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I can't see a lot of fursuit parts lasting too long in snowy and outdoor conditions.

However if you want something that resembles paws, try making your own paw gloves out of apparel fleece or a minky/very short fur like material. (but not faux fur!) Regular fleece like I used could work too but it might not last as long. I did this last halloween since I had no fur and even tho my paws ended up looking more like gloves with paw pads sewn on to them (accidentally made the fingers too thin) they still looked decent and survived a night of rough housing in a park.

Could even try this with the paw boots but I don't think it would work well.... maybe just make a matching set for indoor slippers?