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Are most Furs Lazy?

Do you think most furs are really lazy?

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Judging by the standard of art on the site...not at all. Creativity is exhausting, writing speeches is pretty exhausting for me.
Don't forget shiftless! And they really like watermelon and fried chickin.


Well arn't people very nit picky. I simply ment as it was stated, not to dwell deeper in the focus of a higher philosophy or such. Notice how I said ----MOST--- and now all. Proves to me that some of you who voted "no" just because you might not be lazy, are lazy in the fact you power read through this thread and took the word most for all. ;D But I'm just being playful so don't be offended. I'm proud that we can all be able to post our opinions =3


I'm a littile tied up atm
i say. most of us have lives and stuff. I go to high school work a job, go to the gym occasionally, hang out with friends, take care of my diabetes, and hang aronud with my family...


I used to think I was lazy, but being someone that would rather take the stairs than wait for the elevator or take the 30 minute walk home instead of waiting for the bus, I wouldn't say I really am; I'm just impatient.


im lazy
but ive seen a lot of furs that will actually do art, hence the existance of FA
so i dont think we can all be THAT lazy


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i draw , go to clubs , hit up car shows do gigs, photo shoots , build cars , travel


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I find that I cannot find the energy required to post any sort of real reply to this post. I strongly suspect that I am lazy, not because everyone says so (and they do), but rather because I rarely bother contradicting them. It really does use far too much energy. Energy that could better be used hibernating, or...or...reading books. I just don't see any reason to waste energy. One could say that I am energy efficient (in addition to producing enough hot air to maintain a wind farm), or perhaps that I am a conservationist. Most people just call me lazy though. Darn...used too much energy to write this reply....must find caffeine source..intravenous caf line needed..*slowly falls asleep*
Think it all depends on the person. I have always been far from lazy but things have changed over the past years to where I have gotten pretty bad. Depression can really make one lazy (why bother doing anything if life is meaningless). That coupled with divorce and moving from a house into an apartment hasn't helped matters any. Atleast I used to work around the house to fix things up some but with the appalling housing market, why bother. Now that I am interested in discovering my furry side I have been spedning all my time sitting in front of a computer all night (did I mention that I sit in front of one all day as well).

So yes, I have gotten rather lazy but it doesn't matter to me since I am having more fun now, right?


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Like most people, furs are productive with things that interest them but not so much with things that don't. We have many prolific authors and artists in the community. We also have many people who work and go to school. So I say no, furs are not lazy. The stereotype of the unemployed loser who spends fifteen hours a day in front of his computer hasn't been my experience.