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Are starting these games worth it?


The Dog Faced Soldier
Since I'm in Iraq, I've missed out on a lot of good game titles. The two I most hear about is Left 4 Dead and COD WaW

However, I know that Left 4 Dead 2 and the next COD Modern Warfare game is coming out very soon. So I'm wondering. Would it be worth getting the above mentioned games even if I am a bit behind the times?
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I say wait on Left4Dead. I'm guess when 2 comes out they'll sell it on Steam really cheap anyway. Or there will be a free weekend to play it when you can experience a lot of it.


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Modern Warfare 2 is going to be a direct sequel story-wise to the first game so unless you're really into story then you probably don't need to. But you'll miss out on some epic moments like escaping from a sinking ship, watching a nuke go off, running through the ruins of Chernobyl on a sniper mission, and shooting 105 shells out of a gunship. And at $20, it could be worth it. I'm sure people will still be playing the multiplayer into the release of the second game.


CoD WaW and Modern Warfare 2 are from two different sub-series.
WaW is WW2, Modern Warfare 2 is (duh) modern.
Modern Warfare 2 is the sequel to CoD4. And, honestly, I just went back and played CoD4 and it really wasn't that impressive. I doubt it will be necessary (as they'll likely clue you in on background), but the sniper level was hella fun.

L4D is a lot of fun. L4D2 is going to be the same with melee weapons, I doubt they'll change much aside from that. And L4D doesn't really have a story, so you don't have to play the first one to get the second. Though, I recommend you do, its pretty much the only multiplayer game I play anymore.


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World at War is unrelated to Modern Warfare 2, and in my opinion, COD4 was better than WaW. So my advice is you don't bother with WaW, and rent Left 4 Dead, you know, give it a test run. Heck, you'll probably beat it within a day. It's not worth the purchase. Same with L4D2. Don't bother buying it, just rent it (unless you plan to play it a lot). But definitely buy COD4MW2. No second-guessing.