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Are there any other sites like Furaffinity out there


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I'm was just wandering if there is any other furry sites like furaffinity cause i have been goin on here for about 2 years now and i really want to see something new along with furaffinity in my daily routine i actually kno about this kick @$$ site thanx to Kuma i was just browsing through transfur.com ( bored with the mediocore stuff) then i saw some rare good artwork by Kuma i checked out his profile and it had a link to furaffinity.net and well the rewst is history now i only know of 3 furry sites: this one transfur and yiffit (thanx to a journal posted on furaffinity) so if anyone knows of any other sites please let me kno thanx


http://orcas.yiffstar.com/ More of a literature site but I don't hold it in much regard. That however is personal opinion.

http://www.furryartpile.com/ Not as expansive, but like in a few ways, petty much art only though.

http://www.artspots.com/ I googled this one.


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There is also jaxpad, and yiffit

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Jaxpad is the pg13 version of yiffit, artspots is like the old yerf.

Jaxpad and artspots use the same login.

Quite honestly I got tired of them fast because of the same engine/interface/code they use.