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Are there any sites that make and sell custom furry figure's/Statue's?

so me and my ingame Mabinogi Mother. (who i consider to be my Real mom) have recently decided to become furries a few days ago. when we were Kemonomimi. but anyway ever since then shes just absolutely fallen in love with furries. shes gotten into Furry comics, Games, art, roleplay, and wants to get her own fursuit in the future. and shes close to having her fursona made. but i wanted to ask you guys.

this idea crossed my mind. later this year as a gift for her i want to get a statue or figure made of her Fursona when she has it made. my only problem is i dont know if any sites make furry figurines based on people's fursona's. so i came here to ask if any of you know any and if so which would be the best. in terms of quality and detail?


While less common than fursuits, many commissioners sell figures but due to detail, they can be very pricey as art pieces go because how time-consuming they are to carve and sculpt. Several members on this forum know a lot more than me on the subject <3
well then im really glad there are ways to get furry sculptures as i know she would absolutely love her fursona made into one.
and its for Christmas so i have plenty of time to save up for her sculpture. thank you. hopefully those members pay a visit to the thread. and tell me more details.


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I'd love to see more furry artwork, done as sculpture...a harder medium to work in maybe? Or, in terms of time, I'd imagine, for realistic and even stylized detail. But would be great to see more, I've always thought!


@BasilClover Thanks for mentioning me! ^o^

As far as sculpture work goes, be prepared to pay a pretty good sum of money. Sculptors have to factor in material cost and time, which takes quite a bit longer than drawn works. I can give you any gritty details of the process if you'd like, so you have some idea what you're in for. :p
I myself am full on sculpture commissions at the moment, but here are some other sculptors I love. Good quality work, nice people. I don't know if they're currently open, but worth a look!

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