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Critique: Are These Plausible Character Dynamics?


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Sorry if this is in the wrong place! Im just curious if these make any sense is all

I'll warn ye ahead of time that it's low-key abusive

Okay so, I have side characters I'm invested in and would like to get out the way...
I'll give you a cast:

-onii-chan: eldest of the trio
-Happy Happy: middle
-Gar Gar: youngest, and mostly just there
-Worm Father: Their father with biological relations created artificially (will explain later)

So, I have two possible dynamics; I can't have both at the same time

1. Yandere Onii - Chan

So, long story short, up to his teen years, he's been emotionally abused and sheltered, which did a number to his psyche. When he was casted aside, he met Happy Happy and Gar Gar, who would, in human years, be 10-11 years younger than him. He was well versed in academics for his age as he was raised to be a trophy child, so he impressed these small kids with his knowledge. Because it wasn't typical for someone his age to be there, he would be the oldest, and he would become their reliable big brother figure.
They wanted him around, and they needed him. This, filled the void his parents could not provide for him, and he became very attached to them.

To a point where he isn't above manipulation to keep him by his side, forever. And it stays this way as years go by.

The problem I have with this is that they'll eventually catch on and regain their autonomy.... but I'm apprehensive swinging with this one because I don't think it's realistic for him to be able to keep them under his loving control.

2. Egoistic Worm Dad

Artificially related....
Worm Dad is a being that is neither god nor mortal. The nature of his existence is similar to a wild card, and he isn't necessarily equipped with all the emotions we have. He does however, carry a self love that helps for preservation.

And to ensure the loyalty of the trio, he gives them some of his essence, which will destroy certain parts of them and replace them with aspects of his being. Since they now have the "Love Worm Dad" gene along with the "worm dad powers" pack (worm dad skin included), they love him unconditionally.
And because of this, he knows that no matter how he treats them, they'll always be by his side.

But, the Love Worm Dad Gene goes both ways. They love him, and are equipped with the feelings to understand this, and Worm Dad.... Loves them. He was only equipped to love himself, and since parts of him are now in being that are... not him, he feels something foreign, unnatural. It annoys him, and he wants to satisfy this feeling. He doesn't understand this sensation; all he knows is that he wants them by his side. And to keep them by their side, he'll do it in a way a being like him can possibly know.

Which is control and dominance.

So yea, dunno if both of these are realistic or makes sense? Or if this is a trashy cliche? I'll pick one of the two when I figure out a subplot buuuut yea.


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I think they’re both pretty interesting dynamics, especially if you really lean into the creepiness. The Worm Dad especially feels very organic - having part of yourself in another is a pretty good reason to care about that other, even if you’re completely self-interested!