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Are they any diaperfurs/babyfurs in the media tv documentaries/Adds/videos on the internet?

Are they any diaperfurs/babyfurs in the media tv documentaries/Adds/videos on the internet?

I am just asking apart from well you know FA DA Weasyle Inkabunny and other art shearing websites because we all know they are going to be babyfurs and diaperfurs there.

It is just I remember one of the furs on UKfur had furries in the media and they was a lot. Infarct they are loads of documentaries podcasts and videos.
The babyfur community I have not seen any podcasts nor documentaries and the videos on YouTube are scares.

Sorry to put rules on this post but here it go's
Here are the rule(s)
-No finding or telling me at there are babyfurs/diaperfurs like DA or FA on art sharing websites because I already know that.

-No finding or telling me at there are babyfurs on specily designed fourms like ADISC or Babyfur Me because it is pretty obviouse they are sites made for babyfurs and diaperfurs and I already know that.

-You can however find and tell me forums and chat site things at have specially made threads for such like babyfur or diaperfur thread on a non babyfur/diaperfur website.

-You can tell me show me documentories on babyfurs and people talking about babyfurs on the internet and YouTube videos.

-You can do any of these within reason as long as you do not brake the 2 no rules at the top

So what kind of babyfur/diaperfur they have in the media?


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There's two episodes of the original C.S.i. and Miami that had furries and man-babies in them. Neither of which are meant to be documentaries but that doesn't mean viewers didn't "learn" a thing or two. ...unfortunately.

Edit: There was a show on TechTV waaaaay back in the day called "Wired for Sex". They covered lots of different types of fetishes and the tech behind them. There was one episode about diapers and related fetishes but the one episode i can't seem to find anywhere is an episode specifically about furries. The show aired around 2003 i think. -At least that's when i remember stumbling onto the episode. i only saw the last 2 minutes. Never seen the whole thing.


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I think Trump is an adult Baby/Diaper Lover. I have pretty good proof, and bet this will come out in the news, soon.


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I have not seen any babyfurs specifically, but the TV Show Taboo covered both Furries and ABDLs in some of their episodes.
Which you can see here:
Its a Nat Geo show that comes on late night/early morning and covers taboo subjects like these.
I really enjoy it myself, sorry if it is not what you are looking for.