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Are you a Dog or a Cat person.

Are you a Dog or Cat person?

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Dream a little dream of me..
I used to be a cat person...

Until I got a dog.

I used to hate dogs and was actually pretty terrified of them.

Now I work on a dog farm and I love, love, love it. They're so much.. happier. They love everything, all the time. They're never mad at me, and they're so full of joy and wonderfulness.

I used to be a major MAJOR cat person though. All of my cats are incredibly cuddly, and it's just wonderful to pet a little fuzzy cute-ball. I have three cats and one dog, so I have lived both worlds. Being a cat person, and being a dog person.

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Edit: And by the way, my cats are louder and more irritating than my dog. My cats will meow and scratch at doors in the middle of the night, and my dog doesn't even snore. She sometimes chirps in her sleep, but nope. My dog is quiet unless she sees little male children.
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I have two cats, but I'm a professional dog trainer by trade, so I'd say I'm both a dog person and cat person.

that being said, I wish dogs were as clean as my cats...


I love kittys! Kiba our kitty is such a character with his own unique personality and quirks.