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Are you a dog or cat person?

Are you a dog or cat person?

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Sam Wamm

I'm a goat plushie
Question: "Man dog cat"

Answer: "No"

Deleted member 134556

Cats are great, but I feel closer to dogs, especially my own.

Ziggy Schlacht

Hasn't figured out this "straight" business
I am a cat-person, but does that also make me a cat person? I do like dogs, and clearly am not a dog-person, but that would mean I am a dog person. I also like cats, but having grown up with dogs, I'm not sure how to totally treat cats. So, that would make me likely a cat-person that's not a cat person.

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Cats, hands down. Been a cat owner though, so I am kind of biased. :>


Not actually a dragon. Am catfish.
Dogs are more straightforward with their affection, and I'm a straightforward kind of person. I don't want to be affectionately stared at from afar by a cat; I want to be flat out tackled by a dog. Also, cats seem to sense my preference for their canine pet counterparts and hate me for it. Even the cats that are allegedly 'friendly' hiss and scratch me.


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Dogs are false wolves


Hello, Proto
I've had both and get along easily with both.
I prefer dogs.


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<smiles and props his head in his paws> I think that my answer's obvious...<giggle>


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I can’t answer one or the other


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It depends. If it’s for pets, then I prefer cats, though I don’t think I’d mind a pet dog too much.

When it comes to anthros on the other paw, I like canines more than felines, though I like the latter as well. :3


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I thought I was a cat person until my parents got a labrador and damn, I love everything about her. :D From the straightworward affection mentioned above, to the crazy amount of expression in her eyes and body language. She's so goddamn adorable when she feels she's on a mission and goes around so proud of herself.
I absolutely like cats too, just am not super crazy about them like my friends are.


Cat With A Guitar
I love both but prefer cats. Cats and I just understand each other and I find their "leave me alone stop petting me" shtick relatable.
Also they're cute and goofy as all heck