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Are you a dog or cat person?

Are you a dog or cat person?

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aka Cutter Cat
That reallly wasn't a fair question. I have a cat, yet I probably know more about dogs than anyone in the Fandom. I was 4 time past president of a very large dog obedience club and have helped train literally thousands of dogs. I competed in obedience trials, agility trials, and show dogs. My breed of choice is Keeshonden. I'm too old to compete much now, so I got a cat.


Fun loving kitty cat
Meow mow mrreeeeoooww mow.


<the cat tilts his head curiously> Meow? <smile> Me-meow...meeeow!! <purrs>

<sees you all watching>
Sorry guys, inside joke to cats...just run google translate to follow along.

Kit H. Ruppell

Exterminieren! Exterminieren!
I love both, but lean toward kitties. They're more economical in the maintenance-to-interaction department, and don't slobber all over your face. Plus, there's less variation among them with fewer hideous breeds. The things we've done to the wolf....


I have had both a cat, and dog. I'd have to say while I loved both with all my heart. I had a stronger bond with my cat. He was one of the most emotionally intelligent animals I've ever known. But, to be completely honest. I'm more of a guinea pig person.


Chaotic Neutral Wreckage
I do relate more to dogs and adore hanging out and playing with them, but as far as pets go, the laid back and indifferent nature of cats - as well as the relatively low maintenance of them, - fits better with my day to day life. Plus I had a cat as a kid for 7+ years that I was super close with. Might as well have been family. So I guess that'd make me a cat person.

If I'm being honest though...I dislike having pets.
I've lived with too many people who don't pick up after them/train them properly and the smell alone has scarred me for awhile.


Musician, Enjoyer of small shiny things. she/her
...I may or may not be a dog person. I've grown up with only dogs my whole life.
But shhh, don't tell anyone.