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Are you a virgin?

Are you a virgin?

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Wow, this thread certainly twisted up a few panties, I see o_O

Well, I guess I will throw a pair of pennies into this one, cause it late, nothing is going on, and I haven't fallen out of the chair yet.
No, I am not a virgin. I played around a bit in high school, minus the actual intercourse. In college, I don't remember much outside of watching Super Troopers with a few friends, then someone opening a bottle of vodka. Then the sun was shining in the window and there was one less condom in the drawer. There have been a few instances since then, but I'm really not nearly so sexually active as I allude to. Yes, you can gawk, those that think you know me, I'm really not out to hump everything that moves.
Now, as far as the people who apparently can't handle the thread go. No one is forcing you to post here. If you wish for your stuff to be secret, keep it in your head, and off the keyboard, k? Should fix your problem up nice and good.
I don't see anything wrong with being a virgin. If you feel its special to you, more power to you. Being the pseudo-polygamist that I am, its not really for me, sorry. Doesn't mean I'm the town whore though, I am very selective about my partners, about their appearance, personality, and relationship with myself.
I guess you could say I like to keep my options open, even though I don't go after them much.


Virgin and I like it >:3 of course the word "Virgin" is just another big, fat label!



Not by choice or inability to acquire sex; losing my virginity is just not something I have felt the need to do, between education and life it just hasn't been a priority. It isn't that 'I just haven't met the right girl' or are 'holding out for marriage', it is simply I have put no effort into finding someone to go have sex with.

Honestly I don't see what the big deal is; sex is an experience, there is no biological switch that detects if you have lost your virginity or not, nothing is gained or lost through the act. Some people may feel the need to come up with a justification for still being a virgin in a dignifiable way, something societies mentality on virgins has had no affect on I am sure, but it isn't something that concerns me.


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Foggy said:
not a virgin, sucks to see so many. If any of you wanna change that....................................:wink:

you know this shep loves you


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i think thatz great....i dont hear that very often n/e more