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Are you an adult or a young fur?

How old are you?

  • Less than 18

    Votes: 13 30.2%
  • 18 or older

    Votes: 30 69.8%

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Well, I just turned 18. So no more mooching off others. :/

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I see that nobody ever explained why a majority of furs are adults. There was some beating around the bush, but nobody definitively answered.

I can't give you a definitive answer; other than the tendency to want to anthropomorphize animals or wish to be other than human is not new. It's been around since long before the internet existed; literature has touched on the subject for ages.

I'm curious, at age 51 am I truly the eldest one here? I'm fine with that, if true, but would love to hear from someone who is near my age or older. PM me if that would make you more comfortable.
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Being a kid fucking sucks. You guys need to remember that you have to live under other people's rules. I want to go to college so bad.


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Sorry to disappoint you, but the only thing that changes are the specific rules and who or where those rules are coming from. It's hard to be a hermit.
On the other hand, I can walk naked around the house and spout 'bad' words in a ballad whilst throwing socks across the room in my own house because I live under my own roof.
I just also have to go to work, pay bills, and deal with adult issues that are just as fucking stupid as kid issues.


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I am turning 27 In July. I think just being in this forum is proof enough that I've entered some kind of quarter-life crisis. (half-life crisis if I don't lay off the junk food)


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My fiance and I are in that same boat. We get tons of strange looks whenever we go out for drinks because we both still look like a couple of kids. x:
I can definitely understand that ; ; My girlfriend and I are 23 and 21, respectively, and whilst she looks her age, I look a lot younger, and we've had some very interesting reactions. I always carry my drivers ID with me though, so getting ID'd isn't a problem, but...

When we first got together three years back, a mutual friend of ours (who thought I was 13/14) was like HOW COULD YOU THAT'S AWFUL AND CREEPY until he found out we were actually only two years apart, I was 19 and she was 21. It's led to a fair handful of situations like that but luckily they usually get resolved quickly ; u ;