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Are you edgy?

Do you consider yourself edgy?

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Blu-ray howl!
Ill try... Hmm... You think that dogs are the master race and we should wage war on the ponies? Wow, I only agree with one of those!

Now that was funny! :D Which one do you agree with? Its obvious I like dogs (or canids) but my dogs will still obey me. ;) War on ponies (or did you mean bronies)? Nah, I'm on vacation right now.


You can call me Oni~
My favorite colors are Black and Red. Blood doesn't phase me, I watched the nurse stick a needle in my arm today (gave blood at work) and didn't flinch. Nightmares never scare me (I welcome them) and my favorite movie genre (next to anime) is Horror. But I'm not edgy at all :3 Nope.


I wouldn't say I'm edgy... Just pessimistic, apathetic at times, and just down right out of fucks to give.


Im not edgy... i just hate everyone and everything, all the time................ i hate you alllllll


Imma bat in yer rafters
I love watching things crash and burn, I don't know why.


I just want to watch the world burn...


Mage of Void, dammit.
I just want to watch the world burn...
It's like Aradia said at some point in Homestuck. "i think i mostly want to see what happens when this whole place breaks apart"


It's like Aradia said at some point in Homestuck. "i think i mostly want to see what happens when this whole place breaks apart"

Well some people find the unknown quantity just fascinating. That and people like me figure well I might as well risk it because it's better then sitting in this *Censored*.


Its not the human race, its just the human race
Thank you everyone for your cutting edge responses.

The real purpose of this thread was so I could just make this pun. My life is a little bit closer to being complete.


Your friendly neighborhood Executioner
Ah the edge. I remember seeing it in the Internet. People would write characters with dark clothing and a dark past that is usually cliche and results in them having a revenge motive and may become their driving motivation of their story. The revenge plot is often glorified even though many forget that it doesn't really make people feel any better and with the loss of a loved one, especially when seeing their dead body or witnessing them dying traumatizes them and negatively effects their psyche. PTSD in that case is very possible. Also looked over if the character has just seen their friends die in a war for the first team and is unfazed for an unexplained reason.
They'll be jerks on the outside, but they'll have a heart of gold in the inside. Except them to be a tsundere if they are the love interest or MC.
They may even have over the top scars on their face and bodies.
An alcoholic drink may be their favorite beverage or milk(because liking milk is cool for some reason).

Expect them to be a Mary Sue.

Bonus if their family is evil and they also have sex with someone who has a similar past immediately with an over the top boom boom scene. Then they'll automatically be a couple who acts like lovers from then on with absolutely no dents or rough patches in their relationships.
A power of darkness is very possible, especially when using it has no real effect on them. They may even hurt themselves just for the edge and nothing else.
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Its not the human race, its just the human race
They say things like 'that's beast'.
I don't remember the last time I said that had to be years ago though. I dunno what teenagers you're around.