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Are you prepared when a Zombie Apocalypse occurs?

Imperial Impact

The Imperial Juicer
And Oh, Just because you guys played RE doesn't mean you know how to kill Zombies. >(

Kitsune Dzelda

If magic was real id use a Distortion Discharge set at Level 3, and then wielding it as a shield to sort of distort zombies into nothingness, id send fiery infernos at them until they became smoldering piles of ashes.

But Its not so Id kill myself.


is not impressed...
I'd do what I could depending on what I knew on how to kill them, after that, everyone becomes my enemy... Because u notice that the merciful ones get killed...

Kitsune Dzelda

*snrk* That....... was wierd.

I would efinitely go with setting myself on fire and burning to death. Mainly because it would eliminate the corpse that would eventually become reanimated anyway. One less zombie to fight.


Destroyer of Nazi Teddy Bears
Like other pasty white young adults with little understanding of weaponry or fighting outside of anime and video games, I am prepared to lay down and die :D


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you know... this thought just came to me. How about nuclear missiles? if theres a zombie outbreak say in china (no offence) we could just launch a missile and kill some of the zombies, but then if the zombies have a brain (they probably dont but maybe) they will launch a nuclear missile here and then kill us, then we'd launch another and they'd launch another and then some other countries will take part and then the whole world will be uninhabited because everyones launching nuclear warheads at each other and i should stop talkign because this is a very long sentence.