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Are you scared to try new foods?

Are you scared? Y/N

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I mean, if someone like a friend offered you a food you had never tried before, would you try it? Or refuse it because you're scared to try new foods?

I do feel nervous about trying new foods but I try them anyway.


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I love trying new foods! I don't really get nervous, though I might be cautious and sample a tiny nibble before really eating it if it's particularly exotic. Doesn't mean I /like/ everything, but hey, if you never try, you'll never know!


Only if it looks and smells like a cat turd.

Because it's probably a cat turd.


I accidentally voted yes! I like trying new food because they taste good in my tummy.


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I will try anything even if it has ingredients I don't like. I like trying new things because you're bound to stumble across something awesome.


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This is way more relevant if you replace "foods" with "drugs". Also, the answer is no, to both.


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It depends on what it is... what its texture would be (I have an issue with textures) and what it smells like.

When I was 18, I tried calamari for the first time. I was not disappointed.
Recently I was watching Food Network (the show 'Chopped') and the contestants had to cook a duck breast. I was curious, so even though one breast cost me $10 (I have since found a cheaper store) I tried it. It is like... if steak and chicken breast had a love child. <3
Also, recently tried Portabella and Crimini mushrooms. Yum!


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No, but generally I'll eat what I know I like.


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I LOVE trying new foods, especially foreign foods, English food is so boring! My favourites are Japanese and Jamaican :3


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My sister has this one roommate... who won't try ANYTHING new. He only eats like... chicken Mr. Noodles, hotdogs with ketchup, plain turkey/chicken meat, soda and like one or two other things. I went to their apartment for Christmas dinner... he literally ate half of the turkey, but nothing else. Not even the amazing layered dessert (sugar cookie base, chocolate/vanilla pudding, cream cheese, whip topping) she made. Any time something was offered, he was all 'nope! nope!' Strange.


Depends. Not curries because I don't cope well with hot food. But I used to be until I met my SO's family. His dad is an excellent cook and I love trying anything he makes. I've discovered so many new awesome foods because of that. I don't try new foods outside of someone else paying though, because I can't afford to buy something and then not eat it.


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Where's the in-between option?
It depends how I feel on who's provoking me.


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I am only hesitant if I have to order a whole plate of it at a restaurant. If it's just a taste, even if it's yucky I can just take a drink to clean the taste away and eat something better afterward.


My sense of taste is so messed up that I'm always worried something will make me gag and I'll be unable to clean whatever it is off my shirt.


Sort of. If it's not something really weird then I'll probably try it.

If it's something weird then I'll be much more willing to try it if it isn't dead-animal based or doesn't contain dead animal, at least I'm probably safe then. I'm not going to find out I just eat mutant rat anus or something.


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It depends on what it is, what it looks like, and who made it.

I'll try almost anything new my mom makes without question because she's a wondrous cook.

Generally I'll try just about anything at a restaurant or home if it looks or sounds like it could be good.

However, a certain someone from my church makes food that I avoid like the plague because she's notorious for using everyone as guinea pigs for her experimental "recipes." You don't put grapes, red cabbage, and celery in a TUNA SALAD!

.... damn, now I want sushi.


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I think the whole "exotic dining" scene is pretty overrated, especially when you figure out you're paying an exorbitant amount for organ meats coated in chili powder.

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As a Hospitality Management student we get to try a lot of foods in the restaurant lab, and I've expanded my tastes for foods and I am not as cynical about food as I used to be.


Depends on what it is, really. I love hot food and stuff related to hot food, so a lot of exotic stuff is favorable.

Have to admit, took me a while to really like Sushi, though.


As long as it's not a tentacle and guts won't squoosh out when I bite in, I'm pretty okay with trying new foods. Most anything that can be crammed in my mouth is food to me.


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It depends on what the food looks and feels like.