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Are you scared to try new foods?

Are you scared? Y/N

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Grae Sparrowkin

Pale Red Coyote (Call me Yote)
I often try, but I am highly nervous and often "psych myself out" about it first, which leads to me chickening out....

But I have lately gotten better about it :)

Ad Hoc

Some old guy
4/5 of the picky eaters I know are awful people. Couple exceptions but it leaves a bad impression on me from strangers.

I have trouble with most animal meats but there isn't much I won't take a solid bite out of to see if I'll like it.


Off we go to the sea
It all depends on what's in the food. I wouldn't eat things like... pork or dog meat for example.


For me, it helps if I don't know what's in it. Then I'm more inclined to try it. For example, someone once gave me some fried rice, but told me that it had salted fish in it. For some reason, that grossed me out, and even though the rice was fine, it kind of wrecked it for me.
So far, the weirdest things I've ever tried were beef tongue and tripe. The tongue was fine, as long as it's at Korean BBQ where it's sliced thin. The tripe - never again.
It helps that I know someone from Taiwan, and he's big on pushing new foods on people.


I don't want to live forever
My sister has this one roommate... who won't try ANYTHING new. He only eats like... chicken Mr. Noodles, hotdogs with ketchup, plain turkey/chicken meat, soda and like one or two other things. I went to their apartment for Christmas dinner... he literally ate half of the turkey, but nothing else. Not even the amazing layered dessert (sugar cookie base, chocolate/vanilla pudding, cream cheese, whip topping) she made. Any time something was offered, he was all 'nope! nope!' Strange.

My Uncle's the same way.

Why would you be scared to try new food? Hell, toss me a fried tarantula.

Alright, here. *Throws a fresh of the grill tarantula which clings to the face* I might want to mention it's still alive.


Fuck no. New experiences are the soul of life. Turn them down and you're leading yourself into a bland, banal spiral lulled by comfort and specious security.

Catilda Lily

May all your bacon burn.
I'll try a lot of stuff unless I know that it is something I wont like.


As long as it smells okay I'll try just about any food.
I always go by smell now due to trying a sample of some cheese and nearely throwing up.
Fucking cheese.


Hare Boi
Ayup, but I try them anyway! I won't get far not trying any new food since I'm a chef x3


Sometimes I'm a little hesitant, others I try it just for fun. If the food turns out tasty then it's a bonus

Roose Hurro

Lovable Curmudgeon


Yes, trying new foods terrifies me. I cry myself asleep at night worrying that somebody will ask me to try some food the next day.

Seriously though, as long as it doesn't have meat in it or smell/look like shit I'll at least give a try.


Soaked In Sin
You don't put grapes, red cabbage, and celery in a TUNA SALAD!
What about raisins? :V

I'm generally up for trying new foods. I'm allergic to shellfish, and anything from the sea makes me nauseous though.