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Are you superstitious?


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It's Friday the 13th today, and I'm feeling a bit superstitious today. Also there's going to be a full moon tonight as well, which won't happen again for another 30 years or so. Most accidents tend to happen around the full moon also, and it can have an strange affect on people as well.

My grandmother would tell me all these crazy superstitions that made no sense. Like how not to look a cross-eyed person in the face on a Friday. Or not to lay a broom on a bed or else someone would die in the family. Or not to point at someone so as not to give them bad luck. Or how if you catch a dandelion seed, and whisper someone's name and a message to it, it'll deliver the message to you. That last one doesn't work unfortunately...

But anyway, are you a bit superstitious?

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I never heard of those before and yeah I guess so to an extent. So much for friday the 13 this has been a pretty good day for me.


No. In my opinion superstitions are even more stupid than religion. Or believing in spirits and/or any other unnatural beings.

But, about full moon having an effect on humans, it's not a superstition. Actually it's the same as with the stromy weather and strong wind - they both increase homicidial tendencies (traising stress levels etc.). It's a deeper matter though, but i guess you can find literature on this subject on your own.
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I'm quite superstitious. It's part of my Eastern Orthodox religion. We are firm believers in "bad juju." For example: If something tragic happens to every family who moves into the house next door, and the house is for sale, we'd be tempted to sprinkle holy water inside the house, so the new owners would be safe from the bad energy, but we probably wouldn't do this, for fear we'd be tainted by the bad juju. lol


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Yeah, kinda. I blame it on having lived in a Park for most of my life. Living in the middle of nowhere makes you suspicious of things, so those little paranoia tendencies, including superstitions, I found kind of built up.


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Im superstitious for fun most of the time. Im not sure how many I really believe in, but I definitely enjoy observing the practice lol


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I knock on wood when I say something that could possibly change. Like "We've had good weather today, knock on wood" and I will literally start knocking the closest solid thing to me. But it's more of a habit than an actual belief that what I say will jinx everything.

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I celebrate Friday 13, but everybody seemed to avoid me today, only after the 12pm has passed I got to hang out with my friends and family, it feeled kinda weird all day


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I hate those kind of days :( When something feels wierd and you cant quite figure out what or why lol


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not about "normal" things, but I do have some very weird ones involving bad omens at my workplace.
I would say only like things of bad omens (not black cats but thing in nature more likely) that I get a bit superstitious about. Generally things that I have seen in life happen a bit of times and shortly after crap happens o_O Full moons I see more as not a sign of bad luck but more on spiritually powerful nights. And Friday the thirteenth I never have once been afraid of, generally nothing out of the ordinary happens ever and it is such a common day that happens.


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yes, i'm superstitions. however i create my own superstitions and dont really care about the "legit" ones. for example, if i dont have a wolf tooth talisman near my head when i fall asleep, im going to have shitty dreams....


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Maybe a little. Something I found interesting was yesterday (Friday the 13th) I was going to go for a little drive down the road and decided I'd bring along a CD to listen to (our car doesn't have anything better than a CD player unfortunately). I decided to bring one of my favorite CDs (deluxe edition to boot), and loaded it into the player. After a few seconds of silence, I realized something was wrong. I looked inside the player and the CD is literally gone. Tried ejecting it, at first it started to but now when I press the eject button the radio/stereo shuts off. Strange thing is I've been using it for months and that never happened before.


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No. In my opinion superstitions are even more stupid than religion.

Religions are superstitions^^ They are both irrational beliefs based on no evidence whatsoever.

So since everyone knows what I think about religion... No. I am not superstitious. In my opinion that is all nothing but a load of wet farts.
I got nothing against superstitious people, but once you start to annoy me with it I am gonna let you know and as you to shut up already.

By the way, yesterday was Friday the 13th and I had the best day of the week :p Good sales at work, my train connection is working again after the enormous storm that we had on monday so I got back home early... Everything was just really pleasant^^


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Nope. Sometimes I screw with folks about it, though. I've had two black cats, they were the best evah! Can you believe they were abandoned just for having black fur? People are stupid.


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"wet farts" teehee

Anyway, you can trace most superstitions back to the stupidity that brought them about.

That stuff about not pointing swords at people because it brings them bad luck? Obvious, really, where that came from - don't you think? :?

The day we stop believing stuff that people tell us just because it's scary will be a good day.


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No, though I had a shitload of bad luck happen yesterday :p
No, but I enjoy learning about superstitions of different cultures... which helps disprove superstitions that people in the west believe in at the same time.

The number 4 is as bad luck in Japan as 13 is to some western countries. So, so, SO HOW COME the number 13 doesn't cause bad luck to Japanese people who aren't scared of it? HOW COME IT DOESN'T DO SHIT. WHY WOULD YOU BE SCARED OF A NUMBER AJDHJSNDSMDFFFFFF---


But seriously, if its just a habit (knocking on wood etc.) that's fine. It's when people go out of their way to avoid something or teach children to be afraid of black cats that I just can't understand. It sometimes actually annoys me, even. I think it's because it's an example of how irrational thought and then action can occur. I've seen enough stories of parents blinding their own kids or hurting animals because of superstition.