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Are you the same age as your fursona?

Are you the same age as your fursona?

  • Yes, I am!

    Votes: 47 61.8%
  • No, I'm older!

    Votes: 8 10.5%
  • No, I'm younger!

    Votes: 21 27.6%

  • Total voters

Catilda Lily

May all your bacon burn.
My fursona represents me so yes, we are the same age.


Vere Adeptus
He's a character in a story I'm working on, so he is younger, the same age, and older than me, but at different times (depending how far you go in the story).

Kio Maru

My fursona is supposed to be me, so it would follow that he's my age.
Wishful thinking, dysmorphia and internal/spiritual identity may affect this, the fursona can represent who you are on the inside rather than the out and through the RP of your chara it's considered a form of escapism.Underage will often distort the fursona to be older, older may distort the fursona to be younger. Because some people feel they aren't the same age. It's the same with gender and species identity. You're not a furry character, really (in the flesh), you are a human, so why must your fursona reflect this? The same thing applies.


My fursona and I at same age but I never *didnt* seperated as such.
Im 24 but I feel like 20 lol.
More or less. If you can see my character who's a mature lady...That's also my age round about in real life.


You forgot the "Didn't make an age for my Fursona." Option.
Also, what are you supposed to say if you have multiple main Fursonas?

Saliva said:
Wow. It just occurred to me how fucking stupid the concept of a fursona actually is.
I always found it a bit stupid too. But its still having fun with it that makes it worthwhile to me.