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Are you worried you might, with time, grow out of your fursona/character?

Stray Cat Terry

테리 / 特里 / テリー
My OCs grew out of me, in order to RP more perfectly. Now, I grew up on them that I have developed on my certain aspects more than before, in both positive and negative ways...


Magepunk Fashionisto
What a great question! No, honestly, because Zehlua is basically me. I chose the same colour fur as my hair, and I made him simple in design so he can wear clothes. When I age, so will he! I imagine he'll get a wizard staff to walk with, and he'll have a longer, grey beard and grey hair. Or white, to look like whipped cream! Whatever suits him. I'll decide when I get there <3


Your Cantaloupine
As someone who has grown out of their fursona twice, I see it as you growing and changing as a person.

I made my first fursona in 8th grade before I discovered I was transgender. She was a perky, young Cheetah who I felt at the time represented me. As I grew I stopped connecting with her, that's when Ryuoko became my main fursona. He was my fursona for probably 4 years? And he, in reality, represents me more when I was younger. An avid artist, anime lover, carefree teen/young adult. And now, as I've gotten older and gotten more serious I stopped connecting to him as much. He's still my online identity, and I still love him greatly.

But I don't see there being harm done if you just wanna be you and connect with something that connects with you! That's why I made Sam, my crowjay, as someone who can be me. And if 5 years down the line, I don't feel a connection with Sam anymore, well, that'll be fine. It just means i'm changing as a person as everyone naturally does.
Not worried at all.

If I'd grow out of the character I'd essentially change lifestyle and interests completely and somewhat become another person, and in that case I probably wouldn't care and therefore no need to worry(I'd find it odd if I grew out of it any time soon however). The 'sona has grown with me over the years and has been an extension and comfort in and around the online setting I have spent time in, it's also the one and only character I have and use til this day. In some cases I feel like people don't fully grasp or share the bond or connection one has to their character and probably assume people take it just as lightly as them and what a fursona is. No offense to anyone who collect lots of characters and has multiple 'sonas, but one can probably imagine that all time people prance around getting all these different characters, using different kind of main fursonas for different things at the same time, you on the other side have someone else who sticks to that one character, same name, all the time, everywhere. Takes a bit of a different mindset and their experience is bound to be at least a bit different with said 'sona. Just so no one misunderstands me, If you have a big garden with all these different plants and flowers that you love, maybe some you like more, some you like less, but you enjoy all plants never the less and spend a good amount of hours taking care of them. Now imagine having just one plant that you spend the same time and care on instead that gets all your attention. Not only does it have a chance to grow into something bigger compared to if you'd only have a fraction of the time to spend on it, but you personally would end up building a closer bond since it's the only one you have to care for. This is why I don't think people quite see on the same level when it comes to their characters even though they may share a lot of love and care for their personas/fursonas.

The character I have is someone that visually online that is and represents me, not so much who I am trying to be as a person. Just like OP touched I cannot quite imagine how it would feel without the character or what kind of implications it would have on me as just a person outside of all this online interaction. In some sense the character has provided me confidence, comfort, excitement and in some weird way another reason to exist on this planet, and that is probably not even all.

I'd like to believe there's plenty of people sharing the same view and deep connection about that one character they have and use. To me It's not only a toy or discussion piece, it's not something there to kill some time or fit in with a group of people, it's a reason to exist and a thing that gets you up in the morning, and I swear I'm trying to not make it sound cheesy but it just ends up that way.


Perpetually sleepy cat
I am pretty afraid of losing my attachment to Alphie. However, I know it'd most like be due to people seeing his coloration and automatically thinking he's a girl. It's really frustrating, especially when you've told someone multiple times that he's a guy and they just. Continue to forget. It's happened once when getting art of him and it's made me a tad wary of being offered certain types of art freebies.

Thankfully having a constellation dragon as a secondary sona helps. If I'm ever not feeling my candy boi, I can always switch over to my lovely derg for a bit. People don't really have the issues with forgetting his gender/pronouns compared to Alphie.


Chaotic Neutral Wreckage
Not really. I've had a lot of characters over the years, some made for creative endeavors and others as personal reflections. All of them still hold a place in my heart today, years after growing out of them as active pieces in art and media. Occasionally I'll pay homage to some of them in work that I write or commission, but most days they serve as a fond memory. I'm sure one day Faline will join them, or maybe I'll just grow out of the fandom entirely. Even so, she'll always be around in some way either as a guest character or as a decent memory. So no, I'm not afraid. Maybe a bit nostalgic and sad but...not afraid.


Femboy Pommie artist with a donut obsession
I gatta be honest, if I outgrow Pascal then that might be a good thing for me haha.
Pascal represents a lot of who I want to be as a person, a confidence level I am working to achieve. The day I outgrow Pascal might just be the day I am ready to be fully open with people.
If I get to that point and I find I haven't outgrown him then I'll see that as an added bonus. I guess only time will tell.


Queen of Laziness
For me, Mae the Beardie is a representation of everything I love about myself. Because of this, I don’t think I’ll ever grow out of her.

The ability to be humble, the unspoken kindness in her heart- her overwhelming passion to understand others, and hold them close. Regardless of the differences that stand between.

She is everything I want to share with the world, honestly. If only I had the ability to express these things without fear, like she does. It’s something I think about a lot, but I’ll never really let go of Mae because of that.


plant mom and mom friend
I am not worried, because I know it to be a certainty.

When I was young I had many characters that I moved through as I grew and experienced new things. Characters who spoke deeply to me at the time and still hold a special place in my heart, but who no longer encompass all that I am. No one stays the same forever, and no matter how much love and time I put into designing Harmina, it would be foolish to expect her to weather all of my personal growth on her own. I know that I will certainly try to avoid the inevitable- change her hair, give her a new style, rewrite the backstory and the lore- but in the end I will have always created something that is no longer my Harmina. And that is okay because her best parts will still live within me.


Well-Known Member
My OCs are a reflection of myself. My first one was Bam the Tanuki. Made when I was younger and a little more full of life. I Made Eeriee during a pretty dark time in my life. I was struggling with a lot of things. Eeriee is pretty much the sum of all my manic ups. I've been thinking about moving on to a new sona, but I'm not quite done with Eeriee yet. I already have the species for my next sona picked out. Just need to figure out who exactly they are.

Monosuki the Aurian

Kyu the Braixen
me, when it comes to the characters......I can admit, I am quite indecisive. A sona for me has been crafted from the likes of dreams, visions, real life, and more. I have been making sonas since I was eight, granted them not being the best.

Real, canon sonas of mine started to go into effect around......13.....15 or so. I made sona good ones, like a species of a cat/fox hybrid that I made. Highly reminiscent of that of the likes of the Extalian race in Fairy Tale, but I've made adjustments. I do fear, however, of growing out of them. Every day....it's a new face. A new character. i simply can't make up my mind....

So, in turn, I stuck with felines, due to being a cat at heart. Something is just so wondrous about landing on your feet all the time, being nimble to no end, and just cats in general. Granted, my experience with real life cats were.....painful, (claws, mind you), and it was really just a stray. Such a pompous little feline.....but no matter.

Overall, I'd say that I won't grow out of Sgt. Piru Greenfield, and hopefully all I would like to change is appearances and updates, albeit my only good way of telling of a character is by talking about them. I've never really been much of the artist, more of the story guy, the one who makes the plot, characters, rising conflict, peak, etc. I could never really draw.....but I prefer a way with words to describe, which is also the other part on why I change so much.

Characters for me are best explained with a good design, and a detailed backstory and barebone detail layouts, so on and so forth. I conclude this monotonous rant with one last thing.

Sgt. Piru has been with me for quite some time. A feline who represents my militaristic side, (specifically SAS), and can really show how a battle-hardened warrior with many skills, can even have a light, humorous side, with his fair share of dislikes and whatnot. Piru to me has been a significant counterpart, almost considered an alias. We've been through so much....it's like he'd minus well be a person in his own right. Both of our stories are portrayed through each life action we do....ever so constantly growing, learning, seeing new things....


Inquisitor of the Radical Ordo
No, because, I am my fursona and my fursona is me. I can't grow out of something that is part of my soul.

Monosuki the Aurian

Kyu the Braixen
I've been in the fandom for 15 yrs and still haven't found or created something that I feel can represent myself orz
You will eventually! All things come in time, even if that time may be something of an incredulous amount! I know that feeling of having no options even though you swim in the sea of it, and there can tend to be some...shortage of ideas, or lack thereof. Sooner or later, I have my hopes that you'll find who you are looking for, and it'll be the perfect fit of a sona for you!


I've never really had a fursona, but always created characters and also always had a sort of a main character. I would never consider them me though, just my favourite OCs. And I've outgrown many of my old main OCs, they would be pushed back when I created new ones that would take their place, but they will always have a place in my memory since they helped me creating better and more interesting characters. And I'm sure I'll outgrow my current characters as well and I'm okay with that since I want to change and evolve.

I don't know if I'll ever create a fursona though. I don't think I could pick just one animal to base a character that is supposed to represent me, but maybe it will happen one day, for now I don't really feel the need for that, I just enjoy having my OCs.

Sam Wamm

I'm a goat plushie
I've technically had this O.C since I was 3 years old and now I'm a boomer.

I don't think it's going anywhere.