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Area I should improve on?


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Do you have a goal in term of render?

For the moment, the two main points of improvement I see is expressions and body language.

What I mean by expression is that the facial expressions of your character could be more accurate. I think of an exercice for that. You choose one character and one expression and you do 10 boxes labeled from 1 to 10. 1 is the first level of that expression, 10 the last. For example if your expression is sadness, 1st would be a little bit sad, and 10 extremely shockingly sad. Draw the ten level of one expression, redo the same for other expressions. Don't hesitate to ask yourself "why would that character have that expression" to make it more accurate ^^

What I mean by body language is that body position can reflect the action, the feeling as much as the expression, color, angle. I think the best example would be your "Smol WAAAGH" picture. Your little orc doesn't express enough with her body the will of fighting, the burst of emotion and adrenaline as she scream in my opinion.

I hope it's clear and it will help. Don't hesitate to ask if you want me to clarify anything ^^
Have a good day!