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Arik's Fursona


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Name: Arik Vulpes
Sex: Male
Species: Red Fox(Lunarian)
Height: 6’ 2”
Weight: 180

- Hair and fur:Typical fur pattern of a Red Fox. Has no hair on his head other than the fur.
- Markings: Hasthe words “Hell Jumpers” with a canine skull over it painted on his right arm.
- Eye color:Emerald Green
- Other features:Entire right arm is cybernetic. Walks with a slight limp.
Personality: determined, Caring, friendly, generous, reliable, somewhat of a closed mind, faith in the gods.
Behavior: Arik is not afraid to speak his mind. Because of the war he has astrong distaste for human, more than any other alien race. Arik is an all-aroundgood person and if one were to make friends with him then he would defend youin a fight.

Likes: drinking with friends, flying, family,
Dislikes: Aliens(mostly humans), rude people, getting his fur wet, small areas,

History: Arik was born to Sarik and Flori Vulpes on the transportship Golden Maiden while the family was moving to the moon orbiting Drek. At the age of eleven Arik’s parents werekilled in a terrorist attack, leaving Arik in the care of his brother, Grifik,who was twenty-three. When Arik turned twenty he joined the lunarian law enforcementand became a Protector. When the war between the Lunarian Empire and the humanserupted four years later, Arik joined the fight as a Pod Jumper. During the battlefor Yoram IV Arik was hit in the leg. While a medic was attending to him an artilleryshell landed under the medic killing him instantly and in the process removing Arik’sright arm. Thanks to a donation from a “friend”, Arik was able to get areplacement arm and rejoin the fight. After the war, Arik joined up with this “friend”to roam the galaxy.
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Glad you both liked it. There's actualy a rather large story behind my 'sona and I'm in the middle of writing it. I only have the prolog out sofar on FA but am working on the first chapter and hope to have it by the end of the week.
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