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Ark Genesis, anyone wanna play together?


I have my own server and am looking for people to play with me. I am not looking for another server. I am also not recruiting for my server in general, it is whitelist only and closed to the public. This game is so much more fun with nice folks to play with, but unfortunately all of my friends can't/don't want to get Genesis yet.

My only ask for you is that you're 18+ and not brand new to the game. I'm not a good teacher. x3

I have my own smol community Discord you can join for voice chat.

I do stream on occasion, so hopefully you're ok with being on stream with or without warning.

I only get to play and voice chat Thursday through Saturday nights. East Coast US locale. I work nights, so my schedule is late EST. I can play every night, but no voice chat or getting involved in anything too deeply since I'll be at work the other nights. Early morning EU, slightly late PST, or fellow super late ESTers would be best.

I use a lot of mods for decor and environment, but most servers deem them not important because "load times". If you have a slow HDD, you're probably not gonna like my server. Mod list: steamcommunity.com: Steam Workshop :: Stuff for My Peeps (Ark Edition)

For rates, I have it set to 10x for most things, but breeding and hatching are both 20x.

Currently clustered with Ragnarok, Valguero, Extinction, Aberration, and The Island (which I currently keep off until it's requested). Genesis of course will be added as soon as possible. 6 is pretty much the limit of this machine, so I can't consider mod maps unless we dump something else.

Server is always on unless there's a power or net outage, but that doesn't happen very often. It has only happened once in the few months I've had the server. I can access it remotely for updates if the auto-updater doesn't catch them. Auto restarts with a dino wipe are at 4am EST.

Rules are basically "don't be a dick", otherwise I don't really care what ya do.

As a member of a tribe, you're allowed your own base if you don't like the HQ location. If you prefer, you can be in your own tribe and we can just hang out a lot as allies. I currently have a base on Rag, Extinction, and Aberration. Ab is my main map, Rag is where eventually I plan on having a huge zoo. I have a strong assortment of dinos on Ab already, but for Genesis I'll not be bringing more than a group of Ravagers over to start.
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Release is in 18.5 hours! Supposedly 7pm EST release time, but we'll see... Don't be surprised if it gets delayed in typical Wildcard fashion.


Ok, so for anyone wondering how it is, some highlights (both good and bad)...

- Very PVE oriented, woo! Lots of missions to do and the new "x" variants of creatures are definitely harder to tame or kill, so it feels more of a challenge and goal oriented than just "eventually beat a boss or two, yay".
- It's fucking gorgeous and huge. All of the biomes are just so pretty. You can tell they really worked hard to make a beautiful map.
- All of the new dinos are pretty nifty and unique.

- Loot drops are switched out for crates you buy for the new currency "hexagons" and mission rewards. I both like and dislike this. The crates suck... so that's bummer, and none of the loot settings have changed it. The missions are odd in how they seem to work rewards and also don't seem to be changed by settings. I do like that there are more interactive ways to get loot quite a lot, the only thing that makes this neutral for me is the fact that currently it's impossible to get the same quality stuff that I have on my other maps on Genesis.
- While difficulty is nice, early on it is imo the hardest map to start on. I didn't mind this because I brought over a couple critters, but no gear, from another map which made the usual complaints people have seem trivial for the most part.
- Restricted building in mission zones and no flyers. These, however, can be changed for unofficial servers. (Yet another reason official servers are bad.) I personally like no flyers so have kept it that way, but the building issue was a huge pain in some zones like Bog and Arctic, so I'm glad they allowed us the option.

- Wild bloodstalkers are fucking annoying. Dare stand still for more than a couple seconds anywhere near one and you get taken away. Managed to "escape get"? Better not stand still or run out of stamina until you're out of render or you're likely to get taken again. You better either have parachutes on you to prevent fall damage or get lucky in getting away.
- Insect swarms are pretty constant and really awful to deal with early game, but just a nuisance one you get a tame. A lot of people don't seem to realize their tames can hit the swarms. The hitbox is weird, but I manage just fine without the torch method. I just wish they weren't so constant...