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Rawr =^.^=
Welcome to the Diamond Dogs Exploration Team!

We are a new server perfect for players looking for a rewarding challenge. You're guaranteed to find yourself a fun environment, friendly conversation, and challenging atmosphere. We have many fun mods and even a TeamSpeak server to enhance your experience! This is perfect for friends and solo players who are looking for a little more, and to find others with similar interests!

This server features:
-Valhalla Server Map
-Wild Dinosaurs that reach Level 300.
-Harvest Rate x3
-Taming Rate x5
-XP Gain x3

-Several very fun mods to be had, including:

If you believe you have a suggestion for a good mod addition, please do let us know!
Ark Reborn
Extra Ark
Many New Items
Better Beacons Redux
Cute Hair
Joan’s Pet companions, Death Helper, and Meat Spoiler V2

A bit of rules before going any deeper.

-No Kill on Sight (KOS)
-You may mug/rob people. But please do so within reason.
-You may raid bases so long as there is a purpose to it. (If you decide to raid, make it clean and swift. No need to ruin their everything. )
You may raid if someone has given you a reason. Such as:
-Killing your dinos
-Killing a dino you’re taming
-Killing a fellow tribe member
-Mugging you.

You may not raid if:
-You’re bored
-They’re new
-Under lvl 20 (They are immune to raid, but no reason you can't kill or rob them if they're giving you a reason to.)
Please no sensitive topics or racial slurs. We're all adults, let's act like them.
Please don’t harass players and treat everyone with respect.

Read everything? Ready to go?

The Server IP is

You can copy and paste this into your URL Bar to join!

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