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Army Men Group RP? (SFW)


Here's an interesting and nostalgic idea, what if we had a RP where characters were literally toy sized and fighting in places like plastic army men? Sort of like the Army Men series developed by 3DO?

Some ideas:

1.Characters can be various type of colors, each color corresponds to a faction, sort of like this:
.Green: good guys, American/British.
.Tan: Bad guys, Nazis or bad guys.
.Grey: Sort of in the middle guys.
.Blue: Spies, untrustworthy. Mercenaries too.

2.The world is huge, things that not normally able to kill a human would be deadly, bugs, magnifying glasses, water, ect.

3.Toys can come alive, (like in Toy story), some toys can be used for good, others for evil.

4."giants", (normal sized furries), exist. Battles can even take place inside of people's homes!
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