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Art and animationz


Not sure if this is the right place to put this, but it's to do with art so I'm assuming it's okay :D

I started my Uni course in animation about a month ago now and we have to keep a blog of all the art and animation we do to actually pass (which kinda sucks since I'm often forgetful about updating things like this :p), so I'm going to link my blog here: http://ydanimation.blogspot.com/

aanyways, if anyone is interested in animation, concept art and all that malarkey, do please follow me! I'd love to see your art related blogs too, or if you don't have one, does anyone know any interesting one's I can follow? Please, no mature links since this is for my Uni course haha :p

I do often get taken the mickey out of on my course for drawing furry animal characters lol :p But it's fun!

Hope you guys enjoy and I hope to see some more awesome blogs to follow!


Hiyo and I think we've spoken before if I am not mistaken.... (Another R+C fan)

Anyway there is a fantastic website www.conceptart.org with lots of interesting stuff to look at and honestly a really active, critical yet constructive forum.

Also as far as blogs go, I like the Gurney Journey blog here:

Arshes Nei

Masticates in Public
CGHub is also a great community. http://www.cghub.com.

I know creaturebox posts on CGhub fairly frequently.

http://cghub.com/blog/view/the-making-of-orcs-must-die/ this caught my attention for the Indy Game Orcs Must Die.

Artists of Interest: Mike Yamada - concept artist for Kung Fu Panda 2 and was one of the original students featured in the book The Skillful Huntsman http://mike-yamada.cghub.com/

Creaturebox: http://creaturebox.cghub.com/

I'm sure you'll find more quite easily given the layout.


Hey guys, thanks for those links! :D I'm so glad CreatureBox posts on CGHub, that's so awesome! I know they frequent ConceptArt from time to time too.
And JW, are you on the Insomniac forums by any chance? :p