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(Commission) Selling: Art and/or Animation Commissions Open $15-$80!


I draw, color, and animate!
Commissions are open, drop by my FurAffinity page and leave me a note to claim.
Read my TOS below first before noting me about claiming a commission.


-Payment by PayPal only.
-Include your PayPal email address in your note when asking for a commission.
-Once price and details are finalized I will invoice you through PayPal.
-I will start the commission once payment has been received.

What I Won't Do

-It's always better to ask so if it's not listed below note me to make sure.
-I withhold the right to refuse some fetishes.
-Cub, watersports, scat, excessive gore, rape, human, feral, transform, eggs, pregnancy.
-I only do partial refunds depending on how far along in the animation I am so commission wisely.


-I need refs of any and all characters or specific elements you want in the piece.
-I will keep you up to date on the progress of the commission and any problems if they happen.
-I might update progress to my Patreon as well.
-I reserve the right to post the finished piece.
-Feel free to post the finished product wherever you like just be sure to credit me! Thanks :p

Examples of my animation work here