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Free Art: Art Block (closed)


I have an art block and no idea what to draw, so I'm taking some requests.

- give me a ref (unshaded fullbody is enough) or Toyhouse link
- may accept a description for very simple characters
- no underage or canon characters
- no hyper proportions please
- give me an idea of want you want (this is NOT optional)
- not first comes, first serves
- leave a comment on the drawing I made for you, if I make one
- drawing may be uploaded on FA and Twitter
If you have an NSFW request:
- only stuff from the fave or yes section F-list - Warning
- have your age listed on your FA page


Mystic Jackalope
Hello~ I have a dragonborn Paladin who could use some art (cos i cant draw dragons TwT)
Her name is Sol and maybe you can draw picking flowers or making a flower crown ^^


Explosion loving skooma cat

Can you have her dancing in a dress or modeling a one piece swimsuit by herself in a room? or protesting?

Thank you for your consideration.

Fowler Wolf

Always looking to chat!
Hi there! I'd love to see how your art looks and I'd appreciate it if you considered drawing my sona! I think it would be kind of fun if you could draw him standing with his arms crossed wearing sunglasses, looking all cool or something :D Thanks!!
Ref Sheet (Under 1 MB).jpg


Well-Known Member
I would enjoy a chubby pic of myself, like I went on a nut eating binge, and now I'm posing like I'm looking in the mirror, all proud and sexy with my new curves!

Thanks very much once again for the offer!


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