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Art Block List


Digital Artist
List what u want please include all details/refs i wont ask for additional details. i dont have deadlines on these its just to work on when i have no ideas.


SFW/(Most)NSFW in anthro, human, or feral
Complex backgrounds
Multiple Characters (Max of 4, maybe 5 if the scenario calls for it)
Canon characters from anime, video games, TV shows (if animated)
OCs only if u send a reference sheet

Not Allowed

Scat, vore, watersport, heavy gore, etc. - if something else comes up in ur request ill let u know

I'll send u a link on the thread to the completed picture when i finish it


Could you draw my friend Gizmo for me

I was hoping for a pic of him smiling with his hands on his hips with a cool cyberpunk background
I would prefer SFW please


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would you be interested in drawing Sapphire with a racing helmet (color red or black) in his paw? I'd prefer sfw if you decide to make it and as a background... a road that leads into the horizon, day time doesn't matter.
Thanks for considering ^^


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How are you at transformation art? I'm looking for someone to do an illustration for a story I had done, involving a male tiger being transformed into a female shiny incineroar in order to experience laying eggs. I can include a link to the story as well as a couple references of the tiger for inspiration. Preferably the picture would be of the finished incineroar transformation, or if you don't mind possibly her heavily pregnant and laying eggs. If you do try the egg laying scene it would be nice if it included the lucario father helping deliver the eggs just to be true to the story. They aren't mentioned in the story but I'd like the incineroar to still be wearing the gold necklace and bracelet shown in the references as well as have the scar on her left eye and notched ears, plus the diamond and arrowhead pattern on her forehead which was mentioned in the story.
Curiosity Tweaked the Cat | SoFurry
www.furaffinity.net: [R] Fear by xHiyoriPaints
www.deviantart.com: YCH 1/2


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heheheh- *snort* heh- *snort*
alright, here goes nothing
think you could draw him sitting cross legged on a bed while playing videogames? if you could draw him looking kinda nervous/focused while playing it'd be great, y'know, getting into the game :p also give him simple clothes, like a pajama or just loose long pants and a crappy tee, the kind of stuff one would wear while home alone, and make the controller a dualshock with a cord if possible, thanks ... I hope it's not too picky :)
oh, one more thing, ignore the weird ref legs and go with regular ones, but keeping the three-fingered hooved feet if possible

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If you're interested, I'd love to see my sona drawn in your style! I don't really have any specifics for the art so let your artistic talent take the wheel :p. I'd just love to see a cuddly boi chilling and enjoying life but feel free to do whatever you want! (sfw plz :p)


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this is my OC : sta.sh: Abbi Dutchie
I'd like any type of art! Especially a reference sheet since mine isn't proper

my fursona is an white angel dragon named Abbi. Abbi's left paw is pink and the right is black, her pupils are white and are heavily black all around going in a feminine cateye shape, she has a black ring around her snout, a little fringe, sleek black horns on the top of the head and long droopy bunny-like ears, with black fur inside and stretched ears.
Abbi's tungue and pads are pastel pink, just like some of her patterns (which you, poorly, can see on the drawing) her wings are very small and like in the link below, has one color at the top (black) and a deep maroon at the end.
She's got small visibly (anime style you might even say) pastel pink cheeks, and is small and curvy

here's a poorly drawn reference sheet (made on a different species) but the details are still important :