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(Commission) Selling: Art by Jadan - semi-realistic - ( 2021 Price Change - more info inside) - Latest example- 26/12


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Painterly Art by Jadan

There is a queue until the 1st of March 2021 - Please pm to reserve a slot and discuss the details of your commission.

To anyone who already has a slot for 2021, your orders will be honored at the old price. Otherwise, new prices are as follows:

Latest work:



2021 pricing

Icon - 40€

(1500x1500px - square only)
Couple icons are 60€ - additional characters start at 30€

Bust - 60€ (3000x2000px)

Vertical "portrait" type cropping, just below the shoulders.

Additional characters start at 50€

Half-body - 80€ - 120€+ *

*Depends on complexity - (BG, design, armor, wings, etc) - Cropped around the waist- this can either be a vertical or a horizontal crop.

Additional characters start at 70€, varies on complexity.

Fullbody- 120€ - 250€+ *

*Depends on complexity - (BG, design, armor, wings, etc) - Can be cropped either around knees or below feet for cinematic effect.

Price is a general guide with 120€ covering a simple character with simple background (transparent, gradient, single colour or smoke/mist) and 250€+ representing very high complexity pieces with advanced architecture, mecha, crowds, etc. Please PM with details for an exact quote.

Additional characters start at 100€, varies on complexity.

Front & back shaded ref sheet - 160€+

Includes two poses, NSFW option (if desired) and one detail shot

(depends on design, concept development and extras.)

Flat colour sketches are also available for half-bodies and full-bodies, starting at 35€ and 45€ respectively. Please PM for examples.


2020 prices (old)

(General overview)

Icon: (500 x 500 only)- 18 € (Not currently available)

Bust - 35 €

Half-body - 55 €

Fullbody 75 €

(Complications like armor, detailed clothing, wings, tattoos, weapons, backgrounds and custom design may warrant an extra fee)

Front & back shaded ref sheet - 120 €

+15 euros per detail shot/expression

+60 euros per extra pose

Complex markings (tiger stripes, leopard spots, etc) may warrant an extra fee.
(10 -15 euros per pose.)

NSFW option may warrant an extra fee depending on detail. (10 - 15 euros)

Poses can be a mixture of flat and shaded. (Flat poses start at 30 euros)


Also offering flat fullbodies starting at 30 euros.
Complexities and customs may warrant an extra charge- please pm with details for an exact quote

Ref sheets (front/back) are also available, starting at 60 euros.

Extra characters are the same price


50% of payment upfront (if you are in a queue, you will be invoiced for the first half 1-2 days before I start work on your piece) - final 50% will be invoiced on completion.

Average turnaround of 2 weeks, larger projects may take longer.

Wings, complex armor, tattoos and custom design may warrant an extra fee.

I can work from text descriptions.

All picture types can be made square to use as an icon.

You will be given a sketch and flats stage to approve before shading.

You can change/alter the piece 5 times. Further changes may result in additional fees. (Mistakes/oversights on my part do not contribute to the "5 change limit.")

Please leave your orders below or via PM. Please also send your paypal email addresses so I may invoice you shortly before I start.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to let me know.


NSFW (limited to nudity (if solo, can be aroused), sensual themes, Anthro/humanoids and 18+ characters)

Custom designs


Complex Armor

Multi-character pieces




Explicit fetishes; non-explicit fetishes can be discussed on a case by case basis

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I would absolutely love one, if you're willing to draw this character here:



Thanks for posting! I'm looking forward to working on this, love the color scheme. :D

Did you have any specific wishes for the expression or will you leave it up to me?

Please send me your paypal email address and I'll invoice you! On receipt of the funds I will proceed immediately. c:

Sorry for not replying sooner!

No wishes for the expression, I leave that up to you and am excited to see what you think suits her. :)

My email is samjruss@gmail.com

Thank you!


Paypal: jonessylvia_@hotmail.com

As for personality, Isa could said to be charming but he looks out for himself. He is a trader but comes across his wares in various ways. To him everything has a price tag and he has even sold his own sister just to better improve his situation. He hates getting dirty though. So he is sort of the prissy sort because he fusses so much over his appearance.

Does that work for you? I'm still discovering more about him as I play him.


I doubt you'll be disappointed. He did a great job on Coma's entrance, from minimal references.

You are right. I adore what was done with Isa.

@Juden, would I be able to get another? This of Alys, Isa's "sister":

Only got this as a color ref, sorry:

As for personality, Alys comes off as shy, soft-spoken and submissive when she is really more cunning than she lets on. She is devote to her "brother" Isa and adores him despite his faults.


Okay, not a problem. And yeah, Alys would be of similar structure as they are both mainly a mix of sighthounds with a small percentage of wolf in them but then take most after sighthounds.


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So many bumps and bruises :,D imma keep my eye on you your waist up portraits are tempting me


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Very friendly, fast, and a very good artist!! A master of interesting lighting as well :)
Can definitely recommend Juden!


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I got this super lovely piece from Juden!

Turn around time was super speedy and their communication was great. Prices are great. Commission them ^^


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Another pretty by Juden:

Thanks so much for the great work.