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Art by Salvador DALL-E


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I recently got into an art-generating AI called DALL-E. You type in a description for a picture and it tries to come up with something appropriate. Sometimes it comes up with something surprisingly awesome, others it gets things hilariously wrong or creates a truly terrifying grotesquery of nature.

Try it yourself at this site, and post us the pictures along with the text that inspired them:
(EDIT) apparently site is currently migrating to: https://www.craiyon.com

Some samples from me:

A badger wielding a lightsaber in comic book style:

A sexy alien pinup girl:

A photo of Hugo farting on a pickle:
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Typed in "Sonic Oc". I kinda like it lol. Also, I think I'm getting back into Sonic the Hedgehog.


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I'm sorry
it was a comical no. Im not upset with you. Once you get to know me, you come to learn I dont get angy You're okay.