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Art Colorations!


Imma be blunt, the place im living at is kicking me out if I dont pay rent and quite frankly, I have no monies ;_; so I need some money so!

any piece of artwork, any content and material, recolored with photoshop any way you want it for only 2.50$ an hour! Check out my FA page for colorations and you can also go to www.e621.net and look under the katsumifur tag to see some other of my colorations.


oh, could I have a mod move this there then?
Don't take this the wrong way, but I'm going to be quite frank - from what you've uploaded on FA, you have no more skill than me, which is flat-colouring in photoshop, and I wouldn't dream of charging people. Maybe if you're serious about making money you should practice first?