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art commission! (pm for more exemples) (3-16€)


smaller than the graphic tablet pen-

- if you are instrested feel free to message me ^^.

-if you want art with another person's oc I require a proof of any-sorts that states that you can request art of said character.

-if I am uncomfortable with you, or the art you are requesting I will not work with you, sorry.

-don't complain about prices if mines are to high i'm sure you can find someone else on this site ^^.

- payment is needed for me to start working i can't afford to get scammed.

-prices varies depending on the complexity of the oc's design.

-you will get updated every time I progress on the art (sketch, lineart, flat colors, done).


-pastel gore
-simple backgrounds
-someone else's oc with permission


-offensive art
-most ferals (can be discussed)
-complex backgrounds
-in someone's else's art style
-someone else's oc without permission



Full-body : 10-12 €

Bust : 6-8 €

Head-shot : 3-5 €

Chibi : 8-10 €

Flat colors :

Full-body : 11-13 €

Bust : 7-9 €

Head-shot : 4-6 €

Chibi : 9-12 €
Fully-shaded :

Full-body : 14-16 €

Bust : 10-12 €

Head-shot : 6-8 €

Chibi : 12-14 €

have some examples:

commission #5-scaliesona ref sheet- headshot pfp (compress).pngcommission #6-fursona full body (compress).pngcommission#1-commison sheet (compress).pngpride orquid (compress).png