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Art Contest Red Riding Hood and more


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I had start a Art Contest on DeviantART and would love to see more werewolf / anthro / furry entries. Deadline is 20.05.2018 (May 20. 2018) (last deadline)

The Contest is about Red Riding Hood fighting Big Bad Werewolves (or) anthro wolves (or) feral wolves.

Info for all furries and anthro character lover, If you dont want to draw a Human (Red Riding Hood) i would love to see "herbivore" character that fight / kickass that evil wolf/wolves too.

Also herbivore animals are Rabbits, Deers, Sheeps as example.

Prize Info:
1# Place
Fully shaded fullbody with background, and one bust shot with simple shading. @SnuffleB (Account isnt dead, she had a active furaffinity account)


Colored and shaded halfbody with a simple background drawed by Metanaito-kyou

metanaito-kyou.deviantart.com: Contest Entry: Kyria

and a semi-painted headshot from Remarin
remarin.deviantart.com: chocked up

and 600 DeviantART Points
2# Place
one bust shot with simple shading. @SnuffleB

semi-painted headshot from Remarin
remarin.deviantart.com: chocked up

and 400 DeviantART Points
semi-painted headshot from Remarin
remarin.deviantart.com: chocked up

and 200 Ninja Lama

If you want to win, you must read the rules and point info.

You get 3 points for drawing Red Riding Hood as Female character Young/Adult or Animal variant.
If you draw a other character then Red Riding Hood you get 1 point. If you draw Red Riding Hood as Male you get 2 points

You get 3 points to drawing the big bad Wolf
You get 1 - 2 points for drawing the big Bad Wolf, as feral Wolf
You get 2-3 points for drawing the big bad Wolf as anthropomorphic Wolf (beastman)
You get 3 points for drawing the big bad Wolf as Werewolf
You get 3 points when you draw a active or passive fight, like described in the Rules. If you draw a picture before the fight you get 1 - 2 points.
You get 3 points for creativity of a fight or a amazing situation.
You get max 3 points for details, like some special background, special clothing or weapons on red riding hood. Also fur, body, scar details on the big bad wolf.

If someone make more that is in the rules, he / she should get bonus points in my opinion
You get 1 point for drawing more then one wolf, if you draw 2 wolves you get 2 points, if you draw a pack (more then two wolves ) you get 3 points.
You get 1 point for each extra character you draw in the picture max 3 points you can get.

More Info you find here
keiiion.deviantart.com: Red Riding Hood vs Big Bad Wolves Art Contest

i would be very happy about each entry (if you like the idea and would offer a prize for this or other contest)

Each share is welcome and i would really happy about it.

Next Art Contest.

I will make alot Contest if its possible, i still search for prizes and support.
You can select which contest you support and which not)

Jule - July would be about the story Akira - The Singarti Hunter :iconthe-singarti-hunter:

If you like Red Sonja maybe you like "Amber" too.
keiiion.deviantart.com: WIP Amber

She is a young female character from me. 22 Years old and really sexy.
The Contest would be about her fighting /killing evil Singarti (Space, Cyborg Werewolves)

Here the only battle picture of Amber i have
keiiion.deviantart.com: Women against Beast

origin variant of Singarti
keiiion.deviantart.com: escape from the stadium
keiiion.deviantart.com: time for a cigarette

Human variant of the Singarti
keiiion.deviantart.com: Women against Beast

Possible would be to draw her adult, also Naked or in Armor /Clother
(Prize info 100 DeviantART Points)

August - September i would be use for Videogame Art Contest including Retro Games (old Games) like Super Metroid, Donkey Kong, Zelda, Star Fox Adventure, Legend (PSX) , Turok 2, Turok Evolution and other.

September - October i would use create a Super Heroes Contest (Marvel, DC, other ) Heroes fighting against Monsters like werewolves, zombies, vampires....

November - December i would be about Animes and Mangas here are alot ones like Record of Lodoss War, Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash, Hitsugi no Chaika Avenging Battle, Monster Rancher, Digimon, Legend of Crystania, Mouryou Senki Madara, Shin Megami Tensei, RWBY, Princess Resurrection, Berserker, Slayers and alot more i will make a list with ideas i would love to see

Next Art Contest i will choose between Videogames, Comic, Manga/Anime kickass Art.
Possible Monsters/Demons are Werewolves, Dinosaurs, Gnolls, Lizardmans, Kobolds, other Beast Man

Here i would need Prizes if you love the idea and cant joint the next contest, i would be honored for each support, each prize or help is welcome.