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Formidable Faefolk

I'm looking for art of multiple of my characters, they should all be in this tag. I can offer anything you see in my gallery, including anything listed on my commissions page. This means ref sheets, sketch pages, fullbodies, etc. I can also offer characters as well. I can work with some anthro characters but mainly in my Chibi style, please feel free to ask! I'm always willing to give it a shot. I'm not too good with super masculine/bara peeps so if you offer, keep this in mind. OTL Slots are unlimited but I'm picky so I will choose who I want.

When you post, please add:
  • Samples
  • What you'll offer
  • What you want from me in terms of style and amount. (Or character for trade)
  • Link your characters
  • Do you offer wips?
**I will not accept art trades with anyone that does not provide wips at sketch, lineart, and flat color stages or allows edits in case of a character drawn wrong. I will also require that you start the trade and at least get back to me with a sketch before I start on my end of the deal.

I am specifically looking for:
  • Anthro/Human/Feral Artists
  • Fullbodies with backgrounds
  • Chibis
  • Reference Sheets
  • Customs (Anthro, Feral and Human)
  • Colorists (Will trade flat busts/waist-ups for some of my sketches to be colored)
  • Basically anything else.

Custom Ideas Needed: (Must be able to work from pictures/mood boards and descriptions for any)

    • Human Child - Male, age 6, needs a book prop
    • Angel Child - Female, age 6
    • Human - Male, age 27
    • Anthro - Snow Leopard, DnD/RPG, Armor, age 25
    • Demon - Male, age 40
    • Feral Dragon - Must be ok with gore, need a reference sheet for him.
    • Kemonomimi - Male, 35, bara, facial hair, tattoos, scars, manly, mafia boss
    • Wood Elf- Male, late 30s, masculine, facial hair, scars, needs scythe weapon
    • Durarara Dullahan - Male, Late 20s, biker, Anubis ears, colored smoke
    • Durarara Human - Male, Early 30s, Underground Surgeon and Organ smuggler
    • My Hero Academia Hero - Female, Cat quirk hero [Night Stalker], need hero suit, regular wear, and school uniform.
    • My Hero Academia Villain- Female, Memory Loss quirk, -Touching someone allows the user to read memories the person is currently thinking of or replace/manipulate memories said person is thinking of. Alternatively they may erase the memories of someone, erasing any that they currently can see. needs villain suit
    • My Hero Academia Villain- Male, Love Spell Quirk, Allows the user to make anyone fall in love with them, doing their bidding. It takes stamina and can last for as long as they can hold their stamina. If they run out of stamina they can not use the ability until it returns. If the character gets hurt/bumped or touched using the quirk it is released.
    • My Hero Academia Hero Agency Owner - Male, 18, needs casual outfit and school uniform
    • Pokemon Trainer - Female, 23, probably with her pokemon team.

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Formidable Faefolk
I'm interested in trading with you!
Here's some examples of my art if you're interested: Artwork Gallery for LuciferTheDemon -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
I'm good with both anthro and human characters (I have a special love for demons)!
Hello, I'm interested in your samples. Do you do WIPs? If so, Please PM me what you are offering in terms of art, what you like from me in return in terms of art, and link your characters please so I know who I'm drawing. If not, I'll politely pass on this art trade.
I request that if you trade with me in the future, please read my full post. It seems like you didn't since you didn't add the things requested in the original post. ^ ^;