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Born To Be A Hero
Welcome to my art freebies, redesigns and customs!

I'm offering those and they're most likely always open BUT I will only do them when I feel like it. Otherwise we can do an art trade or you can commission me, once they're open (soon).

Will draw
Most ferals (felines, canines,...)
Pokemon/ Fakemon/ Fusions
HTTYD (Nightfury, Lightfury, Nightlight)

Won't draw
Furries / Anthros
Hateful art or similar

For the freebies, post as many as you want: 1, 2 or folders. I might go for them whenever I need sth to warm-up, inspiration etc.

I don't mind complex designs, challenge me~

Freebie: Send me clean refs of your character you want to get drawn.

Redesign: Send me a clean ref of the old character but the new design is on me.

Custom: Be as specific as possible with moodboard, animal references, etc. I won't go with text descriptions only but they can be an add-on, so give me as many refs as you think is necessary.
Don't know yet, if I'll go with accessories but you can try.

Also: The art, designs and customs I do, will be used as examples for my commissions, so be okay with that. Don't comment, if you're not fine with that.

Art examples can be found here


Hey! Your art is really cute! I'd love a feral version of my fursona if you're interested and have the time. Thank you!



A Nightmare Dressed Like A Daydream
i wouldn't say no to a feral alternate universe version of my fursona.


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A Nightmare Dressed Like A Daydream
i also wouldn't mind a feral version of my brand new alternative fursona,sol bloodfury.

for sake of being more specific,sol should look like a classic dragon: long,red,slender body with four black claws and a slightly lighter red underbelly with a sharper head/muzzle. horns,eyes,wings and fangs are all as depicted as is her horn bling (just resized to fit her larger horns). you can put her in whatever pose you like but she should remain looking very sinister and perhaps have a small flame coming from her mouth. if there is any more detail needed just ask and i'll do what i can to find some refs or something (i just don't want to go to the trouble unless it's a sure thing).


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I want some art of my dogo, Lapes.
Her tail tip is the same color as her hair, and her paws mach the insides of her ears. (collar and mussel and optional)
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I would like a custom that's a hybrid silver fox/black tailed deer. A male with deer antlers and body+fox head fur and tail. He would have spots on his back like a young deer. Indigo eyes.
(photo refs for the animals)

(Mood board)
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