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Forum Art Exchange and Trades and bumping


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Mainly posting this thread for some clarification/discussion pertaining to bumping. The guidelines in the Art Exchange and Trades forum says that threads may be bumped once per week, but I've been noticing users (new mainly) bumping their threads pretty frequently lately, sometimes multiple times a day. I recently reported a post after someone bumped their thread a couple of times in a single day and the report was rejected with "Not a rule actually" being the reason why. So, is it a rule or is it not a rule? How often are we allowed to bump threads? I know it's not a huge deal, I just hate to see the same few threads at the top of the forum while people who are patiently waiting keep getting bumped down.



The Brutally Honest Man-Child
I remember them announcing we had to follow site policy, which states once every 24 hours.
So unless that was changed and I missed it, I dunno!


Fart in the Wind
Hmm. Weird. Clarification on this would be great. lol


Fart in the Wind