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Art Exchange Ettiquette UPDATE: Sept 2013 PLEASE READ!

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Please note: Do not engage in arguing with people who are rude with requests or chronic beggars. Please report them. They will be handled accordingly.

If you cause too many problems in requests or arguing with people you can find yourself kicked out of the Art part of the forums.

Because it seems like we ought to have a guide, or at least something to give folks an inkling of how to ask for things for free...

1. The first thing you need to know is that a request is not a commission, a commission is artwork you pay for. If you say "commission" and mention you don't have money to pay for something you end up confusing people. So phrase accordingly!

2. Be polite, most people won't draw for you if you're rude. You don't "need" a drawing, you want it. If you truly needed it you could save up and commission an artist (see above). Remember to say please and thank you! Artists love to be thanked.

3. Include a description, otherwise the artists won't know what to do! Don't expect someone to hunt through your gallery for reference, bring it to them directly. Including very little or no description will not get you what you want. Also, if you have actually been reading and give me this word-- Floof --In a reply I will give the first five (er, six) people a sketch request. Update: FLOOFING COMPLETE.

4. Don't expect full color, full shaded, masterpieces. Some folks are nice enough to do that for a perfect stranger, but don't feel bad if you just get a sketch. Artwork, especially well refined pieces, take time, not everyone has it to spare.

5. Try not to bump your thread a lot, chances are it has been read (you can even see if it has by how many views it has). If you don't get any responces, well, better luck next time. It's bad form to keep bumping or reposting your thread. Which brings me to...

6. Check out those "taking requests" threads! Chances are someone will be happy to draw something for you there. Be sure to note when the thread was posted and look to see if the artist has said they aren't taking requests anymore first though.

7. Don't pester the artist or beg in your post. Just because someone said they might doesn't mean they absolutely will. Things happen, people forget, and people lose free time they thought they had. It's for free, so pestering or trying to play the pity game them doesn't make them want to do it any more quickly. This goes hand in hand with politeness.

8. Please, spell things properly (or nearly so if you can) and use grammar. No one wants to read a description that goes something like: "ok so shes 10 ft tal an has lots of mussls an has a blak bra an panties an she is a leperd w/blak fur an blu eyes." It makes you look like you're five. Stop that. Paragraphs are important, make use of that enter key!

9. Don't specifically ask for a 'good' artist, in all likelyhood you'll only offend. Again, don't expect masterpieces. Don't expect someone honoring your request to be a super artist or even a very experienced one.

10. This goes with the above, but don't look a gift horse in the mouth. If you get a sketch and it's a little off, be thankful even if it is somewhat inaccurate. If the artist asks "is this okay?" then consider it an invitation to point out what you think needs pointing out, just be nice about it rather than harsh.

11. Don't ask for a request or trade if an artist's list is full. They have lists for a reason, and if they have a waiting list then it is okay to ask. Otherwise, wait until a slot opens up.


For those tl;dr folks: A request isn't a commission so don't call it one, be polite, have a description (and reference art if you got it), expect sketches and not masterpieces, don't bump/repost your thread a lot, and look for request threads.

Do not
engage in arguing with people who are rude with requests or chronic beggars. Please report them. They will be handled accordingly.

If you cause too many problems in requests or arguing with people you can find yourself kicked out of the Art part of the forums.
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Re: Request etiquette

I'd like to add to the excellent post by Arrow Tibbs with some clarity and updated rules for our busy art exchange forum:

Good Manners: Both parties (artist and requester) are asked to be polite at all times. Requesters must remember that artists are taking time away from potentially earning to create a free product for you. As stated by Arrow, this is not a commission, the same level of control does not apply in this case, although a professional manner is still required. IF an artist does not wish to create your artwork, respect their decision and move on. When requesting free art, always remember the golden words of please and thank you. It is really the least you could do.

For artists: while it is wonderful that you are willing to create free artwork, this does not make you a saint. Remember to market yourself as you would if you were advertising for cash and treat the requester with respect.

Staff Intervention: If a moderator or admin steps into your thread and points something out, accept it and carry on. Any future snideness or unwarranted rebuttals to the art staff, private or public, will result in infractions.

Vigilantism: Do not flame an individual in the art shack who has made a mistake or who you feel has not lived up to the requested behavior outlined in this thread. Report offending users. Do not intervene in a thread that a moderator has already handled. Vigilantes will be greeted with infractions and Art Shack bans, your cooperation in this would be greatly appreciated.

Leeching: If you have received artwork of your character thats great. Asking repeatedly for more and will see you locked out of the shack. This will be handled at the staffs discretion within reason.

Possible prizes/spec work in the Art Exchange: I understand this may not be clear to some users, but keep the line between paid work and free requests very separate. Offering the possibility of a prize to those who offered to draw your art is not what this section is for. If you have money to spend, use it to commission an artist, not as a lure and if you have art to give away, please use it to conduct a trade.
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Re: Art Exchange Ettiquette UPDATE for 2013 READ THIS THREAD!

Adding a new etiquette rule:

"Joke" submissions - pictures that are created to invoke a negative reaction, and are clearly not within what was requested - are not allowed. This is considered spam/harassment, and won't be tolerated. You may receive an infraction.

Requesters not being polite (neglecting to say "please" or "thank you") or not being descriptive enough in their posts does not allow room for these sorts of submissions, either. If you find the request rude, do not take their request or respond and move on. If the request is vague, ask for clarification or ignore the request and move on.

This rule does not allow room for the person requesting to report any picture they simply dislike or do not find up to standard. Be respectful, grateful, and polite.
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