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Request: Art for a friend

Bluefiremark II

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There's a friend of mine that doesn't really have any good art of characters. He'd seen some of mine and then wondered if i could get him one. He isn't allowed to communicate with anything beside discord and texting so he's asked me to ask for him.

So i was wondering and hoping that someone here would draw a character of his for me.

Here's the information he has given me. If you need more just ask and i can ask him quickly since i have direct chats open with him. Anyway- here's the information he's given me: this creature's name is DSA, he has indigo blue fur and a yellow furry chest and belly, he looks quite identical to a ferret but the key difference is that he is bipedal, and has regular arm's, covered if fur of course, he has a bunch of aggressive blue energy coming out of his back, and he's got yellow glowing eye's with no pupils or irises, and his nose is also yellow, his hand's have golden mechanical glove's reaching halfway up his lower arms that have blue meters that match the color of the energy coming out his back, along with a tri-fingered golden claw on the end of his tail with a glowing blue lense on the end the claw, his teeth are white but glow yellow from the yellow glow coming from inside his mouth, his ears are blue but the inside tuff's of fur in the ears are yellow. And his legs are regular ferret legs, not humanoid legs

Thanks to anyone who decides to help and do this ^-^
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My apologies, I haven't done this sort of painting in a while. However, I guess I did something

So here ya go


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I'll try drawing it tomorrow. He's all right with it being on paper, like how I do the drawing prompts?