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//silently rages because the forum doesn't have the option to use comic sans//​
Hello there everyone who has been drawn in by the title! I'm here to offer anyone and everyone that is willing to draw for me a payment of the new site Furvilla's art! I am one of the beta testers and, as such, I have played the game for a while and have decided that I would prefer to use the website to purchase art for my characters instead of focusing entirely on the villagers themselves. So, without further ado, I might as well introduce the character I'm looking to obtain art of! Meet my fursona, Alfie! ❥ Alfie on Toyhouse

I'm interested in NSFW art, light gore art, and/or regular art of him - perhaps with some of his pets!
I can offer the following:
  • x1 Shield of Discourse (never used)
  • x11 Frozen Leaf Fairies
  • x16 Gingerbread Fairies
  • x20 Hot Cocoa Fairies
  • x14 Snowflake Fairies
  • x16 Star Fairies
  • x18 Bell Fairies
  • x17 Candle Fairies
  • x5 Candy Cane Fairies
  • x6 Mistletoe Fairies
  • x1 Paintie Ticket (I'd like multiple pieces of art if I can get them!)
  • 243,500 Furcash
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haha, i genuinely want to help you and i have never even tried this game. message me with what you want and we can discuss it <3