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Art Improvements!


To all my fellow artists out there:

Show me some art improvements! I love to see amazing improvements from artists and sculptures because it makes me happy to see that people are improving and proves that practice makes perfect! For me, I've been drawing since I was at least 2 years old and I'm still improving on my art slowly but surely!

Here are examples of my improvements over the years. The improved drawings are a few months old, so they don't really show my FULL potential, which is why I'll include my most recent drawing(s) on here somewhere!

For this art, I drew Neal Morse, one of my favorite Progressive Rock musicians ever. These are drawn a little more than 2 months apart from each other and I can see the improvement. I do plan on doing a redraw of him before my upcoming concert of his to impress him more!

For this piece, this was one of my first ever drawings of my OC, Deathless. She used to wear the same outfit that Neal Morse wore on his tour because when his [at the time] new album came out, I was heavily influenced from his music and his outfit that I made my own OC wear it as her set clothes. I can't see the date really well, but these are a little less than a year apart and you can see the improvement.


The lighting is bad on this one because I took this photo at like 2 AM
I would say I've gotten better with my outlining and proportions, but I'm still improving and learning new techniques when it comes to things like shading, outlining, detailing, etc. I would say I'm much better at drawing on paper than digital because I feel more free with a pencil and eraser than I am with a stylus and a screen, not sure if that's common or not among digital artists.

I really want to see improvements!