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(sorry for my bad english)
Hi, I'm new here, so even if I read the rules idk how it works the forum o_O
I need to write a good backstory or a One-Shot for two of my OC, and I can draw in exchange of them.
I have a few ideas for them, and I don't necessary need anything too long, a simple story might work.
I will make my art based on how long will you write and the quality, example: for a very very simple story i can draw a chibi Icon, or something more simple.

-can draw chibis and more "realistic" (at least I try haha) art.
- not very good at nswf
here are some examples: click here for examples on DA
note:my drawing style is very variable.

If you are ok with this, reply here or in my TH: TH kuroshi_neko (I may reply faster on TH)
and I will give you the information necessary for the story in DM

in the reply insert:
-what character i will draw for you and in what style:
-example of your writing style:
-how long will you write (number of words max and min):
-deadline of my art and your writing:
-question you have for me or other things:

I can accept a max of three trade

(If I have written on the wrong forum tell me! I will delete this post)