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Art of all types


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I'm wanting some art of my Egyptian Mau x Dragon Anthro character, Her names Avril.

I'd like a ref sheet, flat coloured. Of;
Front and Back view
Facial Expressions x4 - Sad, Angry, Flirty, Happy
Eye Close up
Necklace and Earings close up.
Clothing - Harem Styled and a casual style (Egyptian themed maybe?)

I'd like a flat colour of her Sitting down, being flirty/seductive.

Digital only please! Already getting traditional ones of her =D

Thats her >>>> http://i47.tinypic.com/2wmic01.png

Will pay!


Maybe I can help you about this if you want to :smile:

You can check my art style from my FA page !! To look for all of example.


Normal Submission


Lined art on pencil line or ink line

Detail and Price :

5 $ per. character
more 5$ for grayscale (black&white)
+5$ for Lined art on pencil line or ink line BG

Example ***Every character in this example has its owner ***



Color (white BG or Simple BG)

Detail and Price :

15$ for 1 character
+5$ for additional character
Full color of your character
White BG or Simple BG

Example ***Every character in this example has its owner ***



Full CG

Detail and Price :

20$ for 1 character
+5$ for additional character
Full color of BG and every character

Example ***Every character in this example has its owner ***


Mature/Adult submission

Adult and Mature : Solo or Couple , Female to Male or Male to Male or Female to Female

***This detail is only Adult and Mature commission***
Price : 15 $
Detail : Only Lined art on pencil line or ink line
+5$ for additional character
And detail about my commission


If you interest plz. tell me ! By Note me at FA ! or pm me !


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Ooh, I love felines, and what a unique character. <3 I could definitely do some art of her for you! My prices are generally very low, starting at $2 for a single flat-color full-body drawing. I also do headshots, sketchy at 5 for $1 or flat-colored at 5 for $5. For a full body with shading and lighting it's only $5. :) Here are some of my examples, and my deviantart gallery:


I can also do her in both anthro and feral, if you like. :) Feel free to PM, Note, or email me if you're interested. ^^ Hope you find the artist you're lookin' for!


Omigosh <3 she is pretty. I do flat colours for $14. Here's some examples:


If you are really interested in a ref sheet from me I could do it for $16 a cell-shaded view + $5 for each detail, rounded down to $70 total. Nother example (nsfw - mild nudity) (nsfw - sexy stuff) (sfw)

Shoot me a note if you are interested!


Digital art

Reference Sheet
A ref sheet of what you described (assuming the clothing is put on the same front view body pose) would be $31

I'd assume you'd want her done in a more realistic style, like the images you showed us.

Sheets/Art Examples:
http://i244.photobucket.com/albums/gg10/brizthewhitedragon/BrizLinesWIP.png (A WIP, but probably in the style you want :D )

If you some reason you'd want a toonier style art, here's an example of my flexibility:

I work closely with my reference sheet commissioners to make sure your character turns out just the way you want it. So if you're looking for someone to throw information at and quietly wait for the final sheet, then I'm not the right person for you!

Completion time would be around 3-5 weeks.

Sexy Sitting Pin-up
Fullbody flatcolor of her would be $5
Sketch would be sent for you to approve before finalizing.

http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7900867/ (except better! This was done sloppily)


You can contact me on FA as Briz or PM me here. We can then communicate through email, but I will send that to you privately if you are interested.


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Oh my, I'm interested! What a pretty character. I could do the ref sheet for $100, examples:

And the flat color for $20! Examples:
(Any of the ref sheets I listed are also good examples of my flat coloring style.)

I hope you find someone awesome to do these for you. ^.^




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I do reference sheets from $30. http://toranekostudios.blogspot.com.au/2011/06/reference-sheets.html
The extra views you require will be $5 each.

If you're interested drop me an email: raijirou@gmail.com
Question, are you asking for two separate commissions? A Ref Sheet and a Single Character Drawing? Or are you wanting to include the sitting pose on the Ref Sheet?

My reference sheets start at $75.00 and come with two full-bodys, a head-shot and color swatches. The additional 3 head-shots, up-close details and outfits would add on to that.

My price guide: http://tinyurl.com/CaptainsPrices
I think she is so pretty! I'd be ecstatic to do this character!
For me something like this would be about $22 for front and back, plus the details for the ear rings and such. This will include color swatches.
An example of what I can do: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7498960/
Style and presentation wont add to the cost, can be versatile and change anything as part of that.

Any concerns can be discussed and worked around with. I also stream my art through Livestream (which is also mobile friendly and you can view on the go as well), and I announce when I'm streaming through journals, and posts, and I announce them through FA, DA, Facebook, SoFurry, and Twitter!
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