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Art of my Gf's Fursona


Hey guys!

So, I'm going to be starting a written series of stories and it follows my fursona and I convinced my girlfriend to make a character to sort of represent her and whatnot. To my surprise, she's actually kinda gotten into the idea of it! She drew her sona and is working out the personality details and is even working on a character sheet. Since she's super excited about it, I'd like to get some better art of her character. It doesn't have to be anything fancy and any art at all is appreciated :3


That link would be the drawn image of her character, Violet. She is a Southern Flying Squirrel that is a light tan color with the skin flaps being an even lighter color. She has dark purple hair that is about shoulder length and has choppy layers. Both her arms and legs have a cord of the same purple color that winds around them. The edges of her tail are the same purple color, and her tail is sort of spikey, not the normal smooth floofiness you normally see. She has a lighter color tan under her eyes/along her cheekbones/bridge of her nose where she has freckles. Her eyes are a bright turquoise.

Personality wise: My gf is still in the process of figuring it out, but she has told me Violet is an Aries and family/friends are very important to her. Other than that, she's kept mum. She says she's still working it out and wants to be sure before she says anything :p

All in all, that's it! If you have any questions, please ask away!

Thanks so much you guys!



I kind of just copied the pose from your GF's drawing, hope you don't mind!


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@DearFia: I love the way you did the clothes, and that shading is awesome too

@piratical: this is so cute! I love the expression on her, it really captured the smile in OP's example