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Free Art: Art Raffle [Ends Nov 30]


Formidable Faefolk
Hi, I'm hosting an art raffle over on twitter for some chibi work. There are 2 winners and I don't have many followers so there is a higher chance of you winning something. Come test your luck!

Since these are chibis, I will not be doing NSFW/fetish/kink things. I do offer NSFW/fetish/kink things for my commissions and you can find those over at any of my other social media pages in my signature if you're interested but for now I'll just be talking about my raffle! This is all in the post on twitter, but I'll post some of the rules and such here as well.

2 winners:
-Chibi w/ B/g
-Chibi w/o b/g

-If you do not answer within 24 hours of winning, I will redraw
-Deadline may be extended if there are not enough participants
-Ends on the 30th of November

Only accepting this on my twitter, if done anywhere else I will not count it. Find out how to enter by clicking the link above! Thank you for your time!