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Free Art: Art Raffle (to help my portfolio)


the shadow
Hey guys!
I'm kinda new to the furry fandom and I'm trying to gather examples of work for future commissions so I'm offering a raffle here on furaffinity. The actual raffle will take place on FA and the entries that get entered are only those who post on the journal itself.

Rules are simple!
1. You must be a watcher. Obvious throwaway accounts will be disqualified.
2. Leave a comment with a link to your ref and two things your character likes or anything that makes them unique.
3. You will get three additional entries for sharing the raffle via journal!

Once you post a comment I will post the raffle number(s) assigned to you. Be sure to also post a link to the shared journal to also get credited the three additional entries.

The prizes will be as follows:

First: Detailed digital painting w/background
Second: Detailed digital painting w/o background
Third: Cell shaded drawing w/o background
Fourth: Lineart
Fifth: x2 Sketches

Regarding the winning applicants:
1. No NSFW* requests.
2. Please have a good reference of your character on hand or at least be willing to write something that describes them rather well.

* Not willing to draw erotic scenes but I will gladly do any gore/morbid request.

Entries into the raffle will end November 15th at 24:00 (GMT+1). The drawing will happen November 16th at 09:00AM (GMT+1).

I really appreciate everyone who enters to help me with my art endeavors!
If you have any questions regarding the raffle feel free to comment or send me a DM.
Thank you!

Link to the journal: www.furaffinity.net: Free Art Raffle -- Dzorek's Journal