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Free Art: Art Requests, Anthro or Feral!


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These are going to be generally quick, but I'd like to have something to actually post on my
FurAffinity LOL... not to mention I've been in a serious art block. Drop your reference down
below with a quick description of your character's personality or a position you might like,
otherwise it'll be swept off to the realm of artistic freedom. I'm best with canines, but anything
is welcomed! The amount I do will be solidly based off of my motivation level, so bear with me :'D


Hey there!
Would you like to try my new boy Leo? He's kind of easy going but loves drama and starting fights.
With stuff like expression and pose, it's completely up to you!
Thanks so much! <3
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www.furaffinity.net: Oddjob ref sheet by Olivitree

www.furaffinity.net: Ivi reference sheet by Olivitree

Go wild, artistic freedom GO!
Pick any or none.

If it helps, Oddjob, is a complete weirdo thing, not of this planet so the anatomy is a bit up to artistic impression, they have no comprehension of normal societies values or etiquette and has far too much energy.

Ivi is a fairly typical guinea pig, likes the cosy and tasty things in life, a big hoody and PJs is the best thing, but she also has a wild streak when the energy is available (it is usually not, naps, snacks and games are the best things)

Refs are anthro but feel free to make them feral if you want to or anthro, or whatever! Oddjob is sort of like a leggy ferret shaped when feral, Ivi is easy, she's a guinea pig there for fuzzy potato.

But feel free to follow your inspiration.
Fankoo for sharing your artsy skills, looking forward to see what you turn up for everyone (even if not me!)

Happy to make it a trade if you would like something in return I'm doing free sketches at the moment too :3


Monsters are hot. :)
Feel free to draw this guy any way you like! Thank you for taking requests!



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Here's redwin coal (Redd for short, might change his name later) sure he's big and strong, but really he's a sweetheart who just wants to help others. But as you can see, he's also no pushover. He'd never be the one to start a fight but you better believe he can end one easily... Also, don't forget to color his wings. The last person forgot


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She's the owner of a small bar in a steampunk themed city.

She's someone who is very kind but very short tempered. Very blunt and sarcastic around friends and people who attend at her bar often. She is very spiritual who believes all religions are right and wrong at the same time. Believing the only thing that matters is how you treat others and how you should always try to make up for past mistakes and try to be a better person and that God will judge you by those standards. Although that doesn't stop her from kicking or punching someone in the face if they start causing trouble at her bar or just outright piss her off.

She is also single and chooses to remain so after the death of her husband. So she doesn't date or do anything along those lines. Just taking each day one at a time.

I hope you enjoy that brief description of her character lol


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