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art requests

Im taking art request
  • will not do nude pictures
  • will do any form of anime
  • will deffinetly do anthro (duh anthor forum. x.x lol)
  • i have the freedom not to do a request
  • if you dont like the picture i do for you ill offer you another request.
Will take trades!@.@:grin:


A good idea would be to post a link to you art account or to equip it as a shortcut so people can see what you can do.


Inquisitor of the Radical Ordo
kingman: ya deffinetly. is there any specific thing you want her to do like what possistion? or any clothes?


Still a little drunk
Hey dude. I'd love a pic, your stuff doesn't look half bad. If verbal specs are what ye want, then, uhh, yeah, here are some.

Uhhh... Well, depending on how you draw it, a black vest I suppose would be easy to draw, and some blue jeans (ripped...? Too detaily I think)...

If no sleeves then a tattoo on his upper left arm which looks a little like this.

Oh, and my omnipresent black beanie hat, which looks a little like this.


Inquisitor of the Radical Ordo
If I could have her looking smug leaning on car door or something that'd be great. As far as clothes see wears an "I :heart: the 50's" t-shirt. Loose jeans with a snake skin belt.
khizzy: ya okay illl give it a wiff.

Kingman:ill get on to that
My picture quallity really T.T SUCKS but if i really like the pictures ill photoshop them
tell me when you send it for i can check my mail~ thank you ~ :)
This is Sir khizzys commision...lol sorry had to say that if you dont like the commision just say so and ill redo it :)