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art requests

IF YOU WANT COLOR ASK AND ILL PUT COLOR IN THE PICTURE t.t having to much fun with it lol
im sorry it loooks llike shit ill redo do it if you want me to


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Her tail and face need to be more retilish but the pose and everything else is great. Wouldn't mind seeing this colored dude. Kinda has a Death Note flare to it.
Her tail and face need to be more retilish but the pose and everything else is great. Wouldn't mind seeing this colored dude. Kinda has a Death Note flare to it.
ya okay if you like the pose and you want it colord ill just photoshop it and give it a new tail and face. i hate the fucking tail shoes and face i gave her so ill deffinetly have to improve that. if you want me to do anything elese to the pic just say so and illl do it


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Nothing much to add just remember she is a rhedosaurus morph. and she has that long tail of hers. And her protective scales, and fangs.
Dark cheetah:thank you :)
kingman: thank okay ill deffinetly get that done today!
kingman:im sorry but ive been haveing troubles with the picture and im not going to be here for the next three days because i have a hockey tournament but when i get back ill send you the picture


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No problem dude take your time.
It's... Umm, wow, it's certainly impressive, but what's that thing on my arm? (And why is my hair white? ._.)

Other than that, it's definitely lulz worthy and really very cool :3 Cheers, m'dude!
ya i had trouble because the hats black and the hair was black that looked shitty so i put white in it. T.T ya the thing on your arms an arm warmer and it looked cut on you so i had to put it on.........but if you dont like it im sorry....


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Nonono, I love it! Could you make it black, though, and put a shorter, blacker one on the other arm too? If that's not too much trouble... *glomp* Thanks, dude, I do love it :3


This is Sir khizzys commision...lol sorry had to say that if you dont like the commision just say so and ill redo it :smile:

Its only a commission if the person paid you to do it.

Otherwise, call it a request, k?


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If your still doing requests I would like you to do a fox.

You can referance my wolf if you want?
That drawing is here: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1879076

The left arm has been redone but just have not reposted it with the corrected left are out.

I want my fox colored.

Color sceme:

Main Fur: A purple-blue color
Hair color: Blue with purple highlights
Hair style: spikey
Tail style: bushy tail

Tail colors: purple-blue color except for tip that has blue on it..
Have him waving with right and leaning against a light pole on his left arm.
If you keep his right arm exposed I would like my real tattoo put on the right arm if it is possible?

Here is a referance for my tat:

If it is too difficult on the rw tat you don't have to add it.

Thanks I think that is a good enough description of what I would like?