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(Commission) Selling: Art-RPG and Character Portraits (starting at 5$)


Hello! I'm a self taught artist who offers commissions to get through university! I don't really have a presence on furaffinity I just watch and fav there, but you can look for examples of my art on my deviantart account. Bear in mind that it's mostly filled with Art-RPG content, which is kept in a simple style optimized for speed, not neccessarily high quality, but I will of course provide examples of more detailed character commissions I did before!

What I will draw:
- simple Art RPG pieces according to your game's standart
- character portraits, no backgrounds (this includes pagedolls)
- animals
- humans
- anthros
- fantasy creatures (dragons, sphinxes, mermaids and so on)
- plants
- fanart (also fanart themed ARPG content, like your ARPG character exploring a scene from your favourite movie)
- original characters (I will also draw from descriptions only if you have no reference yet)
- slight NSFW (nudity, suggestive posing, humanoids only!)

What I will not draw:
- explicit NSFW content, no porn, no kinks, no gore
- "man made" stuff like cars, buildings etc. sure sometimes I will put these in ARPG backgrounds but I am not good at drawing them, so I wouldn't feel comfortable someone comissioning me to draw their favourite car or something.
- may add more if need arises

Medium of choice:
- I do Art RPG content mainly traditionally with colored pencils, indian ink pens or graphite
- The character commissions on the other hand are done digitally
- I'm also proficient with aquarelles/water colors and acrylics but we would have to discuss this further if you insist on these paints

Pricing for Character Commissions

5$ per character
Digital, uncolored sketch or traditional but digitalized uncolored sketch

7$ per character
Digital, crudely colored sketch

10$ per character (I may ask for more if they are very complex!)
Digital, cleanly colored sketch

For Pricing on ARPG pieces please go here, as they are a bit different depending on whether or not I can throw in my own characters -> Tokota and other ARPG Commissions open (Deviantart Journal)

If you are interested just hit me up on here or on dA :)


bump with a few more examples :)


another example: was commissioned to do sketches of the witcher aiden of the cat school who was mentioned in the third game (had to censor a nsfw sketch)


and a different example:
a character reference for a fantasy species of mine, it's an import if you guys are familiar with that arpg concept :)

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