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Art stream! many more slots| open|Bust shots


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I'm gonna do another art stream!
Smol patch of rules however.
If you have gotten a request out of me before, and someone else wants the slot, the person who has not gotten yet will get priority.
Level of color/ time/ devotion depends upon my energy as these will be freebies.

Stream will start once I make myself some dinner! Will bump thread when ready, and the stream will be open for ya'll to chat in, in the meanwhile!


Bitches love sticks
Here's my sergal if you're interested! For his head, refer more to the icons I uploaded; did a crappy job on his full ref... Thanks!


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Battle Foxxo

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My sona but in my Payday 2 Assault loadout, dont include the mask but slap on a bandanna around his neck.


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I'm gonna join and watch ^w^


i have two twins, to represent the two sides of myself. they're named gem and nya (if you say their names together it sounds like gemini) they are siamese cats. you don't have to draw both though : )
nya (long hair) is the "good twin," gem (short hair) is the "bad twin."
they're still very much in development. i made a thread today in the fursona section about my girls if you really wanna know more. i can't draw (as you can tell from these pics) so it would be great to have a pic of one or both of my siamese girls! thanks < 3


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